10 Most Common Men Facial Skin Care Problems and Solutions

10 Most CoMen Facial Skin Problemsmmon Men Facial Skin Care Problems and Solutions: An itchy skin is something which no one desires, but as it is always established whenever one visits a dermatologist for treatment of  skin rash and other undesirable skin conditions, the results is always an accusing finger pointed at the patient.  This is so because most people, men and women alike, suffer from skin related problems due to negligence when it comes to giving the body’s largest organ proper care and maintenance. When it comes to maintaining a good looking facial skin, men too deserve the best of skin care products out there.

For a long time, matters pertaining to use of skin care products have largely been feminine and as a result, much of the skin care products out there were always made for women. However, over the years, there has been a revolution in perceptions regarding the use of cosmetics and with the advent of a macho man, masculinity is no longer defined by strength and agility but also style and looks. Studies have established a number of skin problems that affect men just like their female counterparts and don’t be surprised that a large number of them are actually replicate on both sides of the gender divide.  On this premise, the big question many have always asked is hinged on the solutions or rather cure for skin diseases.

The modern man or macho man is into fashion and as such he would always want to take part in modeling and competitions related to the same. This needs a good looking skin. It is however important to note that, a flawless skin is not only for modeling but also a big necessity for good health. You need that radiant, smooth and well moisturized skin all day in order to be assured of good health, comfort and confidence.

You must have probably suffered from a skin problem even without knowing it. The truth is, you gave it a wide berth thinking it is not something serious and hence, not worth medical attention. In this post, we take a leap into the world of facial skin care problems that affect men and by extension, a look at most effective solution each and everyone.

Acne / pimples

This is the most common facial skin problem most men suffer from and especially at adolescence when there is overproduction of hormones in the sebaceous glands which then excrete excess oil. The oil gets deposited on the skin’s upper layer, blocking hair follicles and as a result, swellings occur. If you don’t maintain your skill well, acne can ruin your facial appeal. In some instances, it is caused by using the wrong skin care products for your skin type. Acne can be treated using home remedies as well as using products found at Dead Sea skin care cosmetic shop. Laser treatment, use of acne extractions found in Dead Sea cosmetic products and injection have been proven as some of the best methods of treating acne or pimples.

Wrinkles/smile lines

Another common facial skin care problem is wrinkles or otherwise known as smile line. Well, wrinkles are caused largely by facial expressions such as smiles and frowns. Other causes include sunburn, aging, smoking and poor dieting. When it comes to treatment of wrinkles, serum and retinol enriched creams have always done a good job. Skin care products supplemented by hydraulic acid are also ideal.

Facial skin spots

There are a number of things that cause spots on facial skin and they include excessive exposure to the sun, use of wrong skin type products, aging, and acne (if not properly treated) and sometimes genetics. Treatment of spots has always been tricky but achievable through the use of skin care creams enriched with hydroquinone such as porcelana.

Dry facial face

Just like women, dry facial skin is also phenomenon among men, thanks to the little facial care concern often witnessed on the side of men. Another cause of dry skin is exposure to harsh environmental conditions. As a result, flakes or rushes often develop. Well, to treat a dry face, a number of products in Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics Platform that are fundamentally formulated with moisturizing agents do work magic. Products enriched with glycerin and coconut oil are the leading cure for dry facial skin. A great facial scrub is always recommended. Also, use skin oils and lotions that match your skin type.

Facial scars

Well, scars are mostly caused by injury to the skin which could be mild or serious. If not well treated, scars are always slightly and ugly. Bio oil has been given a clean bill of health by dermatologists as the best cure for facial skin scars.

Facial skin warts

Even though they can appear anywhere on one’s skin, warts can be very uncomforting if they appear on the face. These as painless swellings, often with the same color as the skin and tend to disappear over time. High level skin hygiene and use of nitrogen freeze are some of the best known remedies.

Dark under eye circles

Caused by among other things, sunburn, heredity, insufficient sleep and allergies, dark under eye circles are a common facial skin problem suffered by men. A good cure has always been a chemical removal process where chemical facial peels have proven effective. Some people prefer to seal under eye circles using cosmetic products, but this is rather a temporary technique.

Facial skin pigmentation

Some people call it liver spots, but whatever the case, skin pigmentation can affect the face too and are caused by aging or improperly treated acne. Cure is always best realized by a dermatologist who may use a laser treatment or any other process to remove the spots. However, there are plenty of products enriched with Dead Sea minerals which can help restore your facial skin radiance.

Large facial pores

This is not always as common as other skin problems. In most cases, it is hereditary and to some extent caused by excreted skin oil and dead cells trapped in skin pores. Best treatment is often achieved by visiting a dermatologist who would then apply a professionally recommended procedure to improve the appearance of facial skin.

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