4 Best Types of Food for Men Mass Power

Best Types of Food for Men Mass Power

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Men would always desire to get stronger and bigger in weight, body size notwithstanding. To gain body mass, you need to carefully select your food proportions, otherwise known as dieting. Wrong selection of foods may lead to life threatening diseases like heart disease and even cancer. Herein are carefully selected foods that would enable any man remain healthy and grow strong muscles. These foods are readily available in the market and affordable. It is not always about jogging or hitting the gym to gain body mass, dieting should always be in the mix.


Fish come in variety and the likes of oyster will do you good if you take appropriate quantities. It is therefore advisable that you take a proportionate amount of oyster fish every week as would be recommended by a nutritionist so that it supplements your body with enough nutrients necessary for muscles and bones growth. Shellfish family is rich in zinc, calcium, copper and potassium. It also contains selenium. The flesh accelerates the production of testosterone. Research says that shellfish not only helps in increasing body mass but also ideal for cancer risk reduction.



Spinach is a green vegetable and easily available all over the world. Its advantages to the human body building are equally numerous. For many years now, spinach has been a favorite for millions of people from around the world. Well, it has been established that this is a leading muscle builder because it is very rich in vitamin k. It contains other useful elements such as phosphorus, potassium, zinc and calcium. Moreover, selenium in spinach protects the liver while its mineral content protects the bone against osteoporosis. Eating large quantities of spinach is more effective for instance; you can take two cups of it four times a week.

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Whole grains

There are different kinds of whole and examples include wheat flour, maize, barley, brown rice and oatmeal. Whole grains are rich in carbohydrates to give you that energy throughout the day. They are also rich in fiber that prevents constipation during digestion. Moreover, whole grains calms inflamed tissues and keeps your heart strong and the colon healthy. Always ensure to vary intake of whole grains you take per week. Preferably, you can take two of each kind twice per week.

Whole grains


You definitely need fruits if you are aiming at increasing your body weight. Your number one fruit should therefore be an apple. An apple contains inflammation-fighting agents. Nutritionists therefore advised that one take an apple a day. Moreover, apples reduce the risk of allergies, Alzheimer’s and heart attacks. Another very nutritional fruit that has always contributed to mass power enhancement is banana. Bananas help in building the bones and help to calm the body because of its high concentration of tryptophan. Further, nutritional studies have indicated that bananas boost your immune system by helping the human body fight diseases.  You may also consider intake of tomatoes will also help you because they to contain lycopene and especially cooked ones. Fruits should always be taken in the morning to avoid acid concentration in the stomach.

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