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The way people go about living their lives vary from one person to another. While there could be some replicas here and there, it is imperative to sometimes borrow a leaf from those who have expert opinion on issues like health and fitness.  Men’s health in particular has been an issue of great concern in recent times and of publications are out there to back this.

The question is; are you leading a healthy lifestyle? And if so, how do you keep diseases away? Health cuts across many things.  From fitness, dieting, sleep to work. Men who want to stay healthy must embrace all of these. And in as far as consuming the right information is concerned; you should identify qualifies as a worthy read.

men's health

In the United States for instance, there are tens of hundreds of blogs on men’s health. This means men in this part of the world have a range of choices to make. And before I walk you through blogs which are worth anyone’s time, here are some things to take note of;

  • While you can always read on a range of issues that affect men’s health, it is important to know which blog has the right kind of information that will address your most immediate needs. Blogs on how to maintain a healthy skin for instance will go a long way in helping you adopt a working skincare routine
  • Visit an authoritative blog. Well, not every online publication you will come across qualifies as the best because a good number of them are amateurish or rather run by those learning the ropes of blogosphere. Someone who is specialised in say hair care of dieting in this regard will give you more reliable information compared to that who is simply rewriting content from all around the web.
  • Great blogs on men’s health have a strong touch with their audiences. In fact, a good number of them such as Men’s Health have magazines to their names. Further, you will always come across guest posts done by people who have a say in health matters that affect men’s world and as well as stories by men who have overcome challenges to bettering their health standing.


men's health

Run by one inspiring Dr. Jed Diamond, there is a gem in this blog for men who want to keep their health in check. The blog delves into issues like men’s social life, relationships and health concerns.


Very Well


On this blog, you will get up to date information on issues like fitness, sexuality, mental well being and nutrition.


Mark’s Daily Apply


It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. To illustrate this better, head over to Mark’s apple daily blog and get be among over thousands of subscribers. Importantly, ensure to walk away with gem of information on such issues as weight loss, disease management and general health issues.


Men’s health 

Health for men

This is one popular blog where experts from all walks of life flock together and share a range of issues concerning men’s health.

Men’s health research

There is quite a lot on blogosphere for everyone and this is one blog that is really educative when it comes to men’s health concerns.

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