5 Best Cars Every Man Fantasies Every Day. What’s Yours?

Men love to talk about cars almost on a daily basis. If you say you own a low ended car, you are probably planning and saving towards acquiring a four-wheel drive in the near future. You simply want to be in the league of those who drive big cars because in one way or another, it has been a dream you endear all your life. Even as you work tooth and nail to achieve your maiden dream, it is also important to note that people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the cars they own or the ones they would wish to own someday. A question then comes to the fore and which is; what is that model of a car you have always fantasized about? What makes it stand out in the midst of many others out there? Notably, for every car made in the motor industry, shipped and sold in different parts of the world, there is always something unique about it.

Best cars

More often than not, it is said that a car in front of you on the road will always be a Toyota and the question is; how true is this? Agreeably, there are cars which everyone can afford but if you fantasize about the fuel guzzlers and the supercars, you’ve got to look into your pockets and see if you can afford any of such limited editions. In view of this, perhaps the following considerations will help turn your fantasy into a reality;

  • Supercars are made for the super rich but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fantasize about them. The convertibles and among models are what every man wish for and with a positive mindset, hard work and all, you could soon purchase one in hard cash!
  • Best cars come in variety and so what is best for you may not be best for another person. However, in this post, I sample some of the best cares out that whose mention, make man jump out of their skins and fantasize about deeply. Take a look below for reviews;

Bentley Bentayga

A 600 hp and 12-cylinder engine with which this car is made is certainly something that keeps many lovers of Bentley Bentayga hooked to a fantasy of owning one.  This car is capable of speeding up to 187 mph and can accelerate to sixty from zero in four seconds. Amazing, right?


Audi A7

Audi models are a top brand given their explicitly attractive and exquisite designs.  A man who fancies cars must be well aware of what Audi A7 is capable of.  A 333hp engine which combines 8-speed V6 adds values to its sleek and stylish design. Its interior is extraordinarily a taste of what true comfort is.


BMW i8

BMW continues to be a market leader in auto manufacturing and with its latest model, BMW i8, it sets even a higher record for luxury supercars. Car loves will definitely fall in love with this two-seater hybrid and the butterfly doors. It is made of aluminum and carbon fiber. It is also fitted with a turbo engine consisting of a 3-cylinder engine which you must learn how to balance when cruising at electric speed.


Alfa-Romeo 4C

Within 4.1 seconds, this car cruises from 0-60. That’s superfast. It has the best stereo system any car lover can wish for and what’s more are the leather straps on its door for pull. Control is amazingly easy and you won’t pack your luggage outside.


  • Learn how to turn your fantasy into a reality.
  • Supercars are made for the super rich. So what!
  • Audi models are a top brand given their explicitly attractive and exquisite designs. Is that your care?
  • BMW i8, it sets even a higher record for luxury supercars. What do you think?
  • Alfa-Romeo 4C- all about sport and take control.



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