5 Best Olympic Athlete Who Use Men Skin Care

Best Olympic Athlete


 Best Olympic athlete who use men skin care

Well, sometimes people use certain products such as cosmetics as emulation. This say that there are thousands or even millions of people around the world who are using say; Baldwin men care products or Argan hair products simply because someone they consider a top fashion icon, an idol or a model is doing so. In fact, apart from such as aspects as product branding, cost and benefits that often influence choices regarding what one uses  in terms of  skin care products, TV commercials in which models, top athletes and fashion icons are used is also a leading influencer on what go for.



This is Olympic year and with top and renowned athletes staging their best performances in Rio, what has most probably caught the attention of many admirers and fans is the glowing and a seemingly smooth skin texture of a good number of participants.  In fact, during the eve of Olympics, manufacturers of cosmetics are not left behind as they try to get hold of some of the best Olympic athletes for product promotions and advertisements.  For example, someone would want to know what top swimming champions in Olympics use to take care of their skin and so is a staunch admirer of top track event champions who will be hugely interested in knowing the men skin care products the athletes are using like moisturizers for men or hair care.

Finding and finally settling on a masculine skin care product that would meet your needs is therefore sometimes premised on such aspects as what celebrities you admire use. There is no doubt using the best of cosmetics will make you feel not only relaxed and energized but also sexy. In this regard, we walk you through some of the best male Olympic athletes whose choice for the best men care products has seen their skin glow and radiate throughout the world.

Michael Phelps

Men skin care

Michael Phelps is a renowned Olympian and he has always won trophies. Apart from what he does best in the Olympic swimming pools, Phelps in the past been sponsored by companies like Gillette, P&G and others.  This was particularly during 2012 Olympics and there is certainly no doubt Phelps uses the best of men care products made by top brand companies.

Ryan Lochte


Best Olympic athlete who use men skin care


Well, Ryan has also been in the past sponsored by Gillette as well as by Head and Shoulders. This is a definite pointer to the fact that he is using some of the best men care brands such as Gillette shaving products, not to mention P&G underwear.


Dwayne Wade

Men skin care

In the year 2013, Dove Men+care brought on board Dwayne Wade, a renowned NBA star and an Olympian with a view of doubling sales. It was also a straight pointer to the fact that great Olympians like Dwayne actually use some of the top rated men care products out there.


Usain Bolt


Men skin care


Bolt is known for his iconic pose but there is absolutely no doubt that the ‘triple triple’ Olympic gold medal winner is using some of the best skin serums that keep him glowing in the few seconds he sprints in Olympic trucks.


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