5 Best Songs That Make a Man Happy and Sexy

Make a Man Happy and Sexy

Happy and sexy

More often than not, it said a sweet song could drift the soul away to a land far away. Well, everyone has a song they call their best and wouldn’t go a day without lending an ear to it. To understand the leveraging value of music, you must therefore have a list of songs that make it to top of the list and wouldn’t be afraid to call them your best.

You must learn to appreciate music in a range of ways and which means, you must let yourself free so that you can be uplifted by a song’s beats as you listen appreciatively to its well-choreographed lyrical flow. Music will always come and go. However, there are some types of songs which have always stood the test of time because in their very composition which takes into account beats and lyrics, they sink deep into the heart, are easily memorized and always have a phenomenal touch on one’s soul.




For men, just like it is to ladies, there is always a song, an artist or a composition that makes one feel more than happy and sexy. This means, a song that makes you feel wonderful, certainly makes you feel happy and by extension, a song that creates a mood of love, care and appreciation of one’s self and others, certainly makes it to the list of those which brings out the sexiness in a man. To this end, you should at the very least, have in mind say; five of what you call best songs that make you happy and sexy as man.

Comparatively, people have different tastes and preferences. Such variations are what make everyone unique in their own way. But when it comes to music, there are instances where men share in their favorites. In this blog, we take a look at top best compositions that would male many a man happy and sexy, so take a look further for details.

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Jack Owens’s ‘Alone with you’


Men like something seductive and so, when it comes to listening to their favorite song, this should certainly make it to the top of the list. In lyrical terms, Jack’s obsession with a lady he seemingly can’t be without and keeps going back to is what makes the better part of this composition. This is agreeably one of the sexiest country music songs of all time that in its own right will make any man feel sexy and happy, maybe in love.



Getting your home by Chris Young


Sweet songs are definitely sexy and can be quickly memorized. Well, ‘Getting You Home,’ is one of the best hits ever composed in the genre of country music. It would certainly create in any man, a mood of longing for a night out with a lady of his dreams.



Love in this club, ‘by Usher


This is one of the greatest love songs ever written by Usher and it becomes among top a hundred on the R&B billboard. Any man listening to this song will certainly feel sexy and the happy mood it creates cannot always be matched.


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