5 Celebs Who Love Their Beard More Than…

5 Celebs Who Love Their Beard More Than…

Well, when it comes to staying above par and always being that man whom every woman in a dinner gathering would want to recognize or identify with, you must strike a consistent look that can always serve as your identity. celebs who love their beardOn this premise, you will most of the times notice that there are men out there whose style are defined by a goatee on their chins because to them, having long beards that are well trimmed is something they can never let go of. What about that man whose hate for long beards dissociates him from long bearded people? As a man, beard styling is something you should think about seriously and if you prefer to keep yours longer, cleanliness should be a top priority unless you want women to dislike you for nothing except your shabby beards and bad odor. In as much as you often find out that most macho men keep short and well trimmed beards and that it is always blend well with the shape of their heads, those who have always maintained long beards have a reason for it and they know how to take care of it with grooming products like men’s moisturizer.

Most importantly, men who keep long hair on their chins can hardly justify a reason for doing so, if not the usual answer of loving that kind of look. It comes with a decision to shift much of your grooming attention to a long beards and a moustache. So, next time before you protest against long beards, think about some of the reasons why some men decide to keep them and if possible, have a one on one with someone with a goatee to have a close shave of his reasons.

Well, whatever the case, long beards have always been definitive of some celebrities, preachers and leaders who would rather lose their breath for good than have their cut. In the showbiz world, you probably known one of two celebrities with long beards and if you admire their unique looks to which they are strongly attached, you are going to definitely love reading about some of them discussed hereafter.

Laz Alonzo

Laz would look like a freshman right from college without beards. In fact, with beards the size he is keeping, his masculine gender appeal has always gone a notch higher and this is definitely the reason why he is not ready to be without them anytime soon.

Idris Alba

Idris has a great celebrity standing in the movie world and one such thing that will always keep ladies shouting is the long beards he keeps. In fact, without the beards, Idris Alba will just be someone else. He looks phenomenal with long facial hair and it is almost unthinkable to see him without them.

Brad Pitt

Known for his iconic stance in acting, Brad Pitt has always looked sexier in beards. Trace his looks right from the time he become a famous Hollywood star and you will agree with me that Brad can’t be any edgier without the long beards.

Ryan Gosling. When you are the hot guy and you know why, Ryan Gosling can never afford to be without his great facial beard unless very necessary.

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