5 Common Misconceptions About Men’s Health

men’s health

It is often said that health equals to wealth.  What this means is that when you are in good health, you direct your energy and resources to some things that bring success your way.

Sick people can hardly work and most of the times, a lot of expenses go into restoring their health status, something which has a potential of running one’s pockets dry.

For these and other reasons, health remains a major concern in the world today. For instance, very financial year, billions of dollars are allocated to health sector, at least to keep the mantra of a healthy nation is a working nation alive.

Again, misconceptions are everywhere even when it comes to well-being with a case in point being what people say about men’s health. With the internet serving its purpose in passing on information instantly from part of the world to another, misinformation has become the norm and many to fall for it.


Men’s health revolve around a number of issues which if properly understood means one would have no problems doing the right thing in as far as dieting and grooming is concerned.  This post delves in a number of misconceptions people have always hold on the same. First, look at the following;


  • Today, information spreads faster, thanks to the interwebs. However, while this is good news, so much misinformation on matters men’s health is in the public domain leading to a lot of misconceptions on the same.
  • Before you choose on what to believe regarding information published out there, it is imperative to have some facts at your fingertips. In other words, do not just believe anything you come across without authenticating it’s source
  • Today, health matters touch on women alone but also men who are trying to keep pace with changes being effected in the sector. Well, hereafter some of the most common misconceptions people have about men’s health;

Men do not get breast cancer

Breast Cancer in Men

While breast cancer occurs in only one in a thousand among men according to studies, it demystifies a myth that it doesn’t happen.


That Beer is a cause for pot belly

People are fold of misconceptions which over time, they hold as true. One of them is that pot belly in men is a result of intake of beer.  This is misinformation.

No pain no gain is a misconception

Many work out themselves to sickness because of this misconception. Ideally, it is only causes more harm than good when you subject yourself to pain to gain something.


Prostate cancer kills more men than other cancer types

Well, this is hugely a misconception because lung cancer claims more lives among men than prostate cancer.


Erection problems is all about mindset

Well, the reason why this is a misconception is that erectile dysfunction always points at deeply seated problems that require medical solutions. Cardiovascular diseases are always a trigger.

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