5 Myths About Men’s Sex Life

One of the most complicated products of creation story is a man.This is because while men may occasionally show their frustrations regarding certain things, very few are emotional.

Knowing very well how emotions play significant is discerning what someone wants or otherwise, misconceptions are bound to arise.

Men’s sex life being one of those things that women find hard to understand, it goes without saying that the half-truths out there arise from it. Myths have therefore been carved out of the same.

Here is the catch. What do you know about men and their sex life? Of what significance is it to you?  Well, women who experience challenges in their marriages or relationships because they don’t understand their men.

Marriages or relationships

Before you can therefore buy into common phrases such as a man will never be faithful in a relationship, it is important to note that men can better speak for themselves. In other words, people of masculine gender who hold superior opinions about a man’s world and can be relied on can help you discern myths from truths.

This is what this post is all about but first things first; here are some things to have at the back of your mind;


  • Men are different. This means if one man cheats, it doesn’t mean all do. Relying on singular cases to sum up issues regarding men’s sex life is therefore a wrong way to go about it
  • While myths have in many occasions served as basis upon people partake on research work, they should not be end in themselves but a means to an end. Using isolated cases on men’s sex life should never be used to make conclusive remarks
  • Sex life cuts across a number of things and not just an intercourse. From foods men eat to boost their stamina to how exercise help in the same, myths vary in as many ways.


Men reach their sexual peak at age 18

Men reach their sexual peak at age 18


Well, this is interestingly the truth according to studies which indicate that at this age, testosterone hormones are at their highest. However, this should be differentiated from performance which largely is based on experience.


Prostate cancer is a leading killer of men

Prostate cancer is a leading killer of men

Well, going by studies that have since demystified this myth, lung cancer is the most prevalent and claims more lives.

Tight boxers reduced sperm count


Many have taunted others for their inability to give birth based on this. There is actually inconsistent evidence to support this.  High temperatures around the genitalia of men are what could have adverse effect on sperm count.


Age has no effect in a man’s fertility


There is a lot of debate out there regarding how age affects a man’s fertility. Many are always of the opinion that men are agile in their bed performance and sperm count regardless of age.  This is misplaced in every way you look at it for age hugely affects a man’s sexual productivity just like it does in women though a lot more delayed. It’s a topic for another day.

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