5 Option to Build Your Best Without Stopping Eating. Learn How

Build Your Best

Build your best

The debate on health and fitness has been ongoing for some time now, and while progress has been realized in many ways, everyday, twists and turns arise.  For instance, how much exercise is enough to see one attain their most desired fitness goals?

In the same breath, how can you manage your eating habits even as you continue to hit the gym? Does eating continuously have a negative impact on being your best at the end of the day? Well, whenever men work their ways to physical fitness, a range of concerns always come up and it therefore means one must know how to address not just the challenges but also ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your normal ways of life.


To men, bodybuilding is all about having bulging stronger biceps and triceps, six-pack, stamina, strong midsection and a healthy mind. However, concerns have been raised repeatedly regarding just how heavy feeding or not cutting back on certain foods impacts on the ultimate fitness goals.  There are arguably many opinions on this but are you going to fall for any information peddled out there? This post delves into the issue of how one can build his best desirable body without stopping eating but the catch is; do you know how? Consider the following to start you off on this before I discuss how later on in this post;


  • Fitness instructors should be persons of professional standing. This means your fitness journey should be premised on consulting extensively with someone who qualifies to be a professional gym instructor if at the end of the day you want to achieve your best
  • There has been a misconception that one needs to reduce on food intake during weeks of exercising for goals to be realized. Truth is, one can still feed heavily and attain desired fitness goals
  • Getting to read about fitness journeys of men who despite eating without stopping still achieved their goals is arguably one way to go about this

Below, I explore some ways to go about this so read on for details;


Does eating a big to get big add up?

Most people say that if despite hitting the gym to build muscles to build muscles nothing positive comes out of it; one should start taking a lot of milk for the sake of additional calories. It is rather simple though. Failing to add weight is probably because you are not eating enough, something that can be due to poor by appetite.


Just eat enough

The Rock


Well, you do not have to run dry a dairy farm to make a point that you are doing your best.  Notably, calorie intake has impact on muscle growth and not proteins. Ensure to separate the two and this explains the essence of eating enough.


Eating a lot slows muscle growth. Is it a misconception?

eating a lot slow muscle

Well, growing fat inhibits insulin sensitivity and so fats are not properly burned. Weight gain is therefore something you cannot avoid in such circumstance. Exercise works on the contrary by enhancing insulin activity on fats to reduce growing fat while enhancing muscle growth. Therefore, it is not a question of how much you eat but partaking on activities that help burn fats that matters.

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