5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Hates Your Style

Hates Your Style

You may be extremely handsome, you may have a million-dollar smile, flawless teeth, and nice hairstyle, but, if your style is non-existent, or even worse – awful, nothing can help you look good in the eyes of your girlfriend. Does she often tell you how nice you would look in the clothes you don’t like to wear? Does she give you presents in the form of clothes you would never buy for yourself? Does she sometimes pick the clothes she wants you to wear? If this happens more often than not, then the answer is clear. Your girlfriend hates the way you dress. But how could such a thing happen to you? Take a look.

You don’t know how to match

It’s perfectly normal that men don’t pay so much attention to their clothes or that they aren’t so much into fashion (if they follow it at all). Not being able to match certain patterns or colors might not sound like a reason for people to dislike your style, but still, but actually, it is. If you own certain patterned clothes, for example, never match them together. It doesn’t matter if the pattern is the same or not; combining patterned trousers with a patterned t-shirt or a shirt is a big no-no, and the chances are you will look like a clown. What you can do is buy only one-colored pastel trousers (brown, beige or black) and match them with a patterned top. This way, everything will look on point. Remember that minimalism is the key, so the fewer colors and patterns you wear in a combination, the better.

You don’t dress in accordance to your age

dress in accordance to your age

Fashion styles are dictated by millennials and young fashion influencers, such as young male celebrities. They have the tendency to dress extravagantly and unusually, for lack of a better word, combining anything that comes to their mind – from dungarees with shirts, floral patterns from head to toe, to latex suits. This doesn’t mean that you should be wearing such outfits, though. Dressing in a way younger people dress might not be an appropriate style for you, and vice versa. If you’re a young man in your thirties, don’t shop clothes as if you were 60. They make you look much older, and perhaps your girlfriend doesn’t feel very nice when she has to go out with you like that. Always dress according to your own age – don’t try to look younger or older.


Your clothes are out of style

Do you still own your cargo shorts from 2002? Take a 3-minute break from reading this article, go get them, burn them, and throw the ashes in the trash, because you don’t need anything in your house reminding you of those. You don’t have to follow fashion, nor do you have to be interested in it, but you should definitely put in at least a little bit of effort in order not to make the biggest fashion mistakes. Now, try to remember when was the last time you went shopping. If that was more than 6 months ago, grab the car, start the engine and go. Buy yourself trousers, shirts, t-shirts – anything you wear most of the time, and replenish your wardrobe with new, stylish things.


You don’t dress for the occasion

You don’t dress for the occasion

There’s nothing more embarrassing for a lady than a guy who doesn’t know how to dress for a specific occasion. If it’s a formal event, having a suit is definitely a must. If you don’t own one, don’t wait any longer and buy an elegant suit. However, if you want to make your girlfriend very happy, don’t just buy the first suit that you see. There are excellent custom-tailored suits in Melbourne that can make you look drop-dead gorgeous. Your girlfriend will probably be extremely proud of you. On the other hand, don’t try too hard for a weekend brunch. If you have difficulties differentiating what’s formal from what’s not – ask your girlfriend for a tip. The most important thing is that you have all the right clothes in the wardrobe.


You don’t care about the way you look

Having your own signature style is something that is very important in this day and age. It doesn’t only say a lot about you, but about the people from your life as well, especially the ones you are going to spend the rest of your life with. So, if your attitude is one of those “I don’t care how I look”, you have to change that as soon as possible, because, remember – it’s doesn’t affect only you.

Did you see yourself in any of these five reasons? Well, the answer is obvious then. Instead of feeling blue now that you have revealed the great truth about your bad sense of style, go shopping. Find all the right clothes and surprise not only your wardrobe, but your girlfriend as well.



Peter is a men’s grooming writer at HighStyleLife and TheBeardMag magazine from UK. Besides writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe! Follow Peter on Twitter for more men’s fashion and grooming tips

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