5 Signs you’re The Coolest Dude at College

Coolest Dude

Trends come and go, but the one label that is always not only in style but eternally chased is the ‘cool’ label. Now, you may not be aware of it, but there are definite tell tale signs that give away your level of coolness. Sometimes they’re elusive and hard to put a finger on, and other times they are obvious and conspicuous. We know you’re dying to know whether you fit the profile of the coolest guy on campus, so we’ve comprised a list of five definite signs. If any, or all of this ring true – well, you’re the coolest guy in school, and if not, use the signs as guidelines and turn yourself into one.

You’re not an attention seeker

One of the most prominent qualities of cool people is their lack of need to be the center of attention. You’re effortlessly interesting and witty and people are naturally drawn to you, always dying to strike up a conversation. Still, when the shift focuses from you to someone else you don’t feel the urge to desperately bring all eyes and ears back to you. You let other people have the spotlight and if someone wants to be in your company – they’ll approach you, but you certainly don’t jump through hoops to get everyone’s attention. This is because you don’t measure your self-worth through external validation. You know what you’re worth and are aware of your qualities, and that shines through without you even trying.

College is a fashion battlefield

fashion battlefield

You’re smart enough to know that in today’s world your sense of style is one of the things based on which you’re judged. College is not that different from high school, so you do your best to dress nicely. Still, you’re not a slave to trends. You are fashion-savvy and you know how to incorporate trendy pieces to your already defined and unique style so you don’t look like everyone else. You dress in a way that reflects your personality and wear clothes you feel comfortable and confident in, but still have no need to follow every trend at all cost. You’re the perfect balance between form and substance and you know that, while style may account for a lot, it’s definitely not everything.

Eco-friendly = cool  

You’re the good guy who never litters, you recycle and do everything in your power to make our planet a better, healthier place. You know that change starts with you, and so instead of flaunting your ‘coolness’ by arriving to school in a cool car, you’re being even cooler by going around on a blue self balancing scooter or riding a bike. You know that it’s important to be aware of your ecological footprint, and that in turn it makes you not only cool but irresistible to girls. After all, there is nothing sexier than the guy who cares.

Smart is the new sexy

Sexy smart

You have a great GPA, why? Because you know how competitive it is out there in the real world and you want to make sure you do everything in your power to succeed in the real world. Long gone are the days when smart guys were called geeks and nerds – now, you rule the world. Everyone cares about your opinion and everyone seeks your help and advice. You’re a goal getter, and right now, thank god, there is nothing cooler or sexier than a guy with whom people can have a meaningful conversation, a guy who has something to say.

A feminist at heart

Although you have moves and girls are swooning over you, you never objectify women. You treat them as equals that they are and you’re an openly self-proclaimed feminist. In turn, you’re the envy of every guy there. They’re all wondering how you’ve managed to always be surrounded with a bunch of girls who love hanging out with you. They don’t know that the secret is respect and great listening skills. You’re aware that believing in equality makes you a better human being. The truth is, there is nothing cooler than genuine goodness.



Peter is a men’s grooming writer at HighStyleLife and TheBeardMag magazine from UK. Besides writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe! Follow Peter on Twitter for more men’s fashion and grooming tips.

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