5 Tips about What Guys Like in a Girl

5 Tips about what guys like in a girl. Well, there is always something you like about every other girl apart from that one you are dating or that one you call a wife. what guys like in a girlNevertheless, this is not to say you look beyond your marriage or romantic relationship and engage in infidelity. Every man out there has something, which they say attracts them to a woman. On this premise and depending on the steps you step, a man could move from single-hood to dating or remain a girl’s secret admirer for a very, very long time. When it is time to speak out those magical words to a lady you are so much in love with, only few men mutter the courage to say what specifically attracted them to their better half. Most men would rather beat around the bush than call a spade a spade. The former caliber of men is preferred by ladies and is always the most successful in the dating scene. So, let us narrow it down to an individual and we ask the question, what is one thing that always attracted you to say Lindsay or perhaps Lorna?

Love is a special feeling and it remains mystery to many because it has never been easy to fathom how a man from some distant part of the world would suddenly feel strong attractions to a woman in another part of the world and over time, the two become inseparable lovebirds. To this end and for the benefit of those who may be in a monologue of endless questions, what attracted you to that girl, lady or woman you call your girlfriend, fiance or wife? This is a question whose answers are unbelievably many and varied. Some answer would certainly count as hilarious and others serious, but whatever the case, there is always something a guy like in a lady. The dating scene is riddled with men and women from different occupations. In this post, we take a leap into some of the things that men find attractive in a lady, so this would certainly be an interesting read henceforth.

A lady’s dress style

Men have different tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing a lady in the dating scene. However, before a man decides to approach a particular lady, there is always something striking about that lady he wants to associate with and one of such things is how a lady dresses. This is a commonality among many men around the world.

Curves and shapes

There is also the group of men who get attracted to voluptuous or curvaceous ladies. To such men, all that matters is that a lady has well rounded hips, nicely curved legs and just a curvy body in general.


This is also something many men will tell you. Getting attracted to lady with great and unique personality is something many men experience.

Smiles and more smiles


There is also that man who gets attracted to lady because he simply a lady’s smile irresistible. There are many other things, which attract men to ladies apart from these.

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