5 Ways Men Like To Eat Pizza

Men Like To Eat Pizza

5 Ways men like to eat Pizza

Any time you walked into a restaurant and probably stopped by the counter, words like “Pizza!” “More Pizza please!” must have always rung in your mind even hours after leaving the place, right?

You will more often than not hear this statement at Pizza joints. For takeaway Pizza purchases, people will always go for what they consider their most favorite Pizza flavors and this is always informed on the premise of varieties by country.

For instance, Domino’s, Margarita and Pizza Hut have been a favorite of many and the fact that their popularity has continued to soar has seen them trample among others, Italian Pizza, French Pizza cuisines, Hawaiian Pizzas and Mexican Pizza, but again, this is not the case everywhere. As a man I love pizza.

Eat Pizza

Pizza Varieties Is Certainly Endless

You must have heard of men travelling to different parts of the world to satisfy their Pizza cravings and. With a list of new travel destinations, people yearning to satisfy their pizza cravings have traversed the world everywhere covering over thirty countries spread across five different continents and their love for travel for leisure as well as Pizza cravings has created a powerful blend of adventure and Pizza eating around the world.

While this may bewilder many and even elicit huge interest in Pizza craves, what is of particular value to this post is; how do they eat their Pizza in any part of the world that they lands in? Do their habits of eating Pizza resemble that of all men, most or just but a few?

Men eat Pizza

Men, as compared to women, have their own ways of eating Pizza and while in many instances, cases of close semblance, the variations and differences is what this post seeks to deliverer.

In most cases, it said that men eat a lot of Pizza in the presence of women and according to dating experts, they do so to impress the women; but could there be another version of this claim. In this post, we take a nosedive into the world of Pizza and particularly how men like to eat theirs, so read further for some interesting findings and revelations.

Pizza Slices

Well, they say how you eat Pizza says a lot about your and especially personality. While people have always devised their own ways of taking Pizza, most men prefer to take it in slices. This is a case of cutting Pizza into small pieces and then using a fork to enjoy the crunchy yummy bites.

Pizza folds

Most Pizzas served with toppings and one of the ways most men like to enjoy such is by folding theirs into a ‘U’ like shape with the crust bending outwards. This sounds yummy right.

Crust or toppings first

Another way men like to enjoy their Pizza is by eating the toppings first or the otherwise whereby they munch the crust and then finish it with the toppings. Toppings are usually meat slices and vegetable salads.

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