5 Ways To Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Mass, Learn How!

There are goals which are common to every man such as keeping fit. But before I take a nosedive into this subject, what does keeping fit mean to you?  People have different opinions on this but what usually count are views of fitness experts and instructors. If for instance you are always attending gym sessions every morning or everything, instructions on what to do while at it as issued by a gym instructor are things you will never want to compromise.

Here is the catch. Why are you hitting the gym in the first place? While gyms have becoming increasingly significant in recent years because in many ways, they have been instrumental in helping men cope up with lifestyle challenges as depicted in dieting, the need to tone muscles is a universal quest.  This means that anyone who wants to burn calories and fats would do so from a point of wanting to lose weight and tone muscles.


Thus far, what becomes clear is that while one would be attending weight loss lessons and even partaking on exercises aimed at muscle toning, it is imperative to question the very viability of every activity. Are you for instance doing the right thing? For many years now, weight lose which transcends from a desire to have leaner body, flat abs, six pack and among other desirable masculine features has been misconstrued to mean carrying loads of weight. This post puts everything into perspective but first, take a look at the following;

  • Weight loss has become a common phrase these days but not many do what is right. People rush into doing things which at the end of the day, cause ill-health and among other complications in the body
  • Weight loss is not about carrying heavy loads in the gym. It goes beyond this mere perception. It starts in the mind to say the least
  • In your quest for weight loss, going it alone is not the best thing to do. On this premise, it is imperative to seek the guide of a fitness instructor if you want to achieve your fitness goals fast.

Hereafter, I guide you through some weight loss tips that will have a positive impact on your health and life;

Feed well

Feed well

Weight loss is partly a conscious decision but what makes the difference is when you finally decide to execute a plan. In this regard, feeding on a balanced diet with emphasis on fruits, vegetables and white meat will make a big difference.

Exercise regularly

Burn calories

Another useful approach to weight loss is exercising. When you exercise enough, you burn calories that more of often contribute to extra baggage. However, it is important to know what sorts of exercises are ideal based on a routine.

Take water before meals

increases rate of metabolism

When you drink water before meals, it increases rate of metabolism. This does not only help with digestion but also enhances burning calories in the body by an extended 1-2 hours.

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