Are You a Man or a Mouse Monty python world? Explain The Man Mouse Problem

Men will always be men but looked at critically; there are certain aspects of life that redefines many a man’s way

of living as he grows up. From sex, violence, fashion to job, a man will always want be in charge. Nevertheless, and most importantly, relate it to the man-mouse narrative. Many years ago, growing up as a man was premised on whether one wanted to be a man or rather ‘man up’ or just be a mouse. Mouse is known to harbor cowardice because the moment you step into your kitchen and find one inside butter can, it will run away.

What point does this bring to the fore? Well, mice usually know what they need and fight tooth and nail even if it means poking through a can of butter to get it and while this is comparatively important to a man’s world, it is usually criticised as not the best way of relating a man’s way of going about his struggles. In other words, a man should know what he wants and grow up brave.

Man mouse problem

Then there is Monty Mouse Python world.  Mouse is known to literally play hide and seek and how unfortunate that would be to a man who doesn’t want to face realities. Men’s world tend to be a little harsh and to survive through challenges that come with being a man, you have to move away from the Mouse Monty Python world and be a real man. However, is there any links this has with being a gentleman? Definitely yes! Gentlemen know what they want and will go at it using whatever means possible. This is not far-fetched. To better discern issues to do with whether you are a man or just living the dream of being one hence living in a mouse Monty Python World, here are some things you must keep in mind;


  • To ‘man up’ is a phrase which has the potential of transforming someone into what real men are and hence escape the man mouse problem of not living one’s dream
  • A man’s way of approaching issues should be definitely aggressive but not so much to an extent that it hurts his relationship with others
  • Men should face reality as they come and this depends on which stance you take on certain issues.  It all but comes through brevity as a virtue many a man should cultivate
  • A real man should know what he wants and go for it with focus and determination.

To further help you understand the man mouse problem, below are some issues to look into;


Brevity should be a man’s ways of conquering opportunities

Well, when it comes to expressively being a man, some things you do will move you to more comfortable zone and make you a gentleman. Gentlemen don’t play Mickey Mouse. They get straight at what they want.

Mouse Monty python world

Growing up as a man should be definitive of understanding your goals

If it is about using the best men care products, grooming well and striking conversations, a man’s way ought to be manly and not riddled with cowardice. Have a perfect understanding of your goals and design a strategy for achieving them.



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