Best Designer Wrist Watches for Men in 2017

Wrist Watches for Men

Fashion is something we are all too familiar with to dispute the role it plays in shaping the world around us. Every time a new style of dressing comes up, one always wants to try it out. It is either a casual outfit or something you can walk with into an office without being victimized for breaching corporate standards of dressing. Here is something much more different from clothes but which always accompany one’s style. Wristwatches are some of the oldest component of the fashion world and while times have changed and most people today use their smartphones to check out what time of the day it is, wrist watches have never outlived their fashion glamour.

They remain significant and when a man steps out into the streets with what would be regarded as a designer watch, it always keeps heads rolling and turning to catch a glimpse.  In other words, old is gold and despite the fact that wrist watches have been here for tens of decades, they simply can be swept under the rag by emerging technologies. It is all about a sense of fashion appeal watches bring. With this taken into account, a few things always come to play when you go out there to purchase a wrist watch and here are some of them;

  • Wrist watches are made with gender in mind. There are those that are made for a lady and others for gentlemen. As a man who wants to acquire one, this is something you need to have at the back of your mind.
  • Over the years, fashion has infiltrated dress code and nothing has been left to chance in the manufacturing of wrist watches. People who are fashion-sensitive wouldn’t just go for anything but what they would want to consider a designer wrist watch. This is a critical consideration to make in this age if you want the best designer watch for men.
  • Another element many a man ought to consider when purchasing a watch is not just colour but also the material with which one is made. There are watches made of silver, others gold and other precious metals. Make a choice that is line with your taste.

Well, take a look below for some of the best designer wrist watches made for men;


TAG Heuer

Watch for Men

This is one of the oldest watches designed for men and even in 2017, it still rocks. When Edouard designed this watch in 1860, he had something in mind; to give not just men something luxurious but also something, which can be used elsewhere. This watch is used in auto racing and even sailing.


Rolex for men

This is arguably the most popular designer watch we know of today. Many know Rolex as of Swiss origin while in essence, it all began in England.  It gives you a look that defines manliness of success.


Cartier 18k Rose Gold and Diamond

Cartier for men

This is a top level and iconic watch whose roots are traceable to France somewhere around 1847.  It has dominated the world of luxury brands of jewellery ever since.


  • Wrist watches have never outlived their fashion glamour.
  • Wrist watches are made with gender in mind.
  • Purchasing a watch is not just colour but also the material with which one is made.
  • TAG Heuer- One of the biggest brand watches for men.
  • Rolex gives you a look that defines manliness of success.
  • Cartier dominated the world of luxury brands of jewellery.



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