Causes Of Dry Facial Skin In Men

32760_Banner_02Men, just like women, also get conscious with their facial skin; although not dramatically. Some men can also be very protective… with their skin and pamper themselves with the best market products. There are so many issues that a skin can have and it takes more than one product to soothe the senses for better skin complexion.

The most common problem for men regarding their face skin is dryness. What factors cause dry skin? How can it be remedied?


This is something that anyone cannot control. Winter makes the skin dry because it takes out the moisture from it. Most men are not aware that when they are out in the cold without any moisturizing protection, they are increasing the risk of having patched dry facial skin. Indoor heaters do not work also because it simply is secreting what is left of the moisture in the skin.

Soap Bars

Some men do not take more time in the groceries when it comes to toiletries because they see all soap bars similarly. Little do they know that a lot of soap bars cause dry skin; especially those that are designed without any kind of moisturizer and focuses more on the cleansing.


This is a very normal process for all human beings. Aging takes away the youthful glow of the skin, making it abnormally dry and very rough. Men tend to have a more difficult time coping up with dry skin and aging because of the stubbles that need to be shaved off often which usually comes with ageing.

Dirt Particles

Since men are more active in the field, it is possible that they are more exposed to dirt which massively causes facial skin dryness. When dirt dislodges into the pores, the skin will have hard time secreting oil that will constantly moisturize the face. Dirt particles are taken from the outdoors and even indoors, especially in bed.


Do you know that regular drinking of alcoholic beverages will takes off the water content found in the skin? Yes. How you live your life will basically have a big impact on your physicality. By taking the right kind and amount of foods and beverages, you will be able to prevent and or minimize dead skin cells, particularly in the face.

Above are basically the most discussed reasons why men come across with dry facial skin. The best way to prevent and or get rid of it is to get a moisturizer that would suite the skin. Changing of lifestyle and deciding to be healthy in every aspect of life is also a good way to compromise your face’s skin.

However, for severe derma cases of dry skin, it is advisable to see a dermatologist so that you will be able to ask and be guided with the products that you buy. Bar soaps and water are simply not enough for the skin which is why it is very important to look for the best skin products in designated parts of your body.


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