Chat, Date, Match, Relationship: What Are The Differences From a Man Point of View?

When compared to women, men lead a different lifestyle but when it comes to chat, date, match and relationship, there could be some familiarities or point of confluence where both genders tend to share ideologies. However, looked at from a manly point of view, the way you view the aforementioned aspects vary significantly. For instance, what does relationship mean to you? Is it all about having a sexual affair or to you it has to do with something focused on long term goals and achievements for it to make sense?

So there is the question of dating which men view from a very different angle compared to ladies. For most people, dating is much more significant when compared to chat, or match making. But first things first, it is getting to know what differences exist between these terms should be premised on the following issues;

  • Every man out there wants to date a real woman but this doesn’t always come the easy way. For the unlucky one, heartbreaks are part of the process of finding someone who will come through as worthy. You only need to learn the difference between a chat and a date lest you get things wrongly from the onset.
  • Romantic relationships always start with a chat, then a date and if you match or are rather compatible, the next stage will always be a desire for a long lasting relationship.
  • As a man, it is important to appreciate the fact that your view of love varies significantly from that of a woman. This means that what matters to you in say a relationship may not be the case for that woman in your life. In this regard, compromises are part of a successful relationship. You need to compromise for happiness sake occasionally.

Below, I take you through what men think of regarding date, chat, match and relationship. Look;


To a man, chat is rather another name for flirting

man point of view

A good number of men like to flirt. Those sneaky texts laced with aspersions can however get you into trouble sometimes if you are already booked. Nevertheless, the point here is that men take chatting as something that won’t lead into something serious. Whether it is face to face or phony chat, it always comes down to ‘I was just flirting.’


Dating to a man is devoid of emotional attachment; most of the times

man point of view

While women would want to believe dates are meant to know each other deeply, men hardly show signs of commitment to it. After all, men are not as emotional as women are and maybe pardoned for this.


Matchmaking works but it takes a man to decide

man point of view

Many around the world are looking for soul mates but it doesn’t mean you settle for anything because you are lonely. It takes the final approval of a man for a good match to his soul before a relationship  take place.


  • All men want to date a real woman.
  • Romantic relationships always start with a chat.
  • Long lasting relationship is like a business. You have to work hard for your success.
  • Chatting is flirting.
  • Women would want to believe dates are meant to know each other deeply.
  • Man is looking for soul mate if he decide to get serious with himself.



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