Cosmetic Ingredients To Avoid When Buying Skin Care Cosmetics

Cosmetic Ingredients To Avoid

Everyone needs cosmetics these days but the question is; are you using the best products that produce results? Cosmetic companies have long existed from the days of Cleopatra and while many users have found something to settle on for either taking care of their hair or skin, a good number of consumers are still at crossroads. One reason why this is the case is lack of information regarding what ought to constitute a top brand beauty product. Instrumentally, beauty products do not exist as sole entities of say glycerin or Aloe extracts but they come as a composition of a range of ingredients.


Each ingredient that makes up a given cosmetic such as facial peels serve a certain purpose and this is why cosmetic users who want the best should consider product composition danger. With this in mind and before you walk into a cosmetic shop to purchase a given product, it is imperative to also look into the issue of alarming ingredients which can do more damage than good to either your skin or hair. What does this mean? Well, alarming ingredients are markedly not approved by recognized association of dermatologists.  Notably, incidences of skin damage and loss of hair have been attributed to purchase of products that constitute harmful chemicals. Let me take you through certain issues, which should guide your cosmetic purchase henceforth;

cosmetic safety

  • Tested on animals or humans? Around the world, most lab experiments conducted by cosmetic manufacturing companies are believed to have been done on animals. Nevertheless, how effective are those products, which have been tested, on animals? Is it ethical? You need to find out which mode of testing will give you the best. Baldwin range of products is not tested on animals but remain one of the best choices for men around the world.
  • The human skin and hair need nourishment as well as hydration and among other benefits cosmetics bring about. This means you should always buy products which constitute ingredients that can help you achieve the best results in terms of skin vitality.
  • Red flags to look out when buying cosmetics should be premised on harmful ingredients with which some products are made.How to buy safe cosmetics?
  • How much is enough when it comes to number of ingredients in a product? Should you go organic or synthetic? How to learn what is cosmetic safety?

Below are some alarming ingredients to avoid when buying skin care cosmetics;

 How to learn what is cosmetic safety?

Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid – High Level of Bleaching Agents

Products that you buy for your skin care routine should be safe and this is information you can verify by looking out for mark of quality standardization on products labels. If you spot bleaching agents, used usually with cleaning agents in cleaning products you want to buy, it is safer to avoid it all costs. An example of bleaching agent found in certain products is hydroquinone.

Bleaching Agents

Toxic Chemicals In Cosmetics -Mercury Toxicity

When buying skin care products, one of the things you need to keep in mind is that mercury toxicity is real. This means that you should never risk your skin’s health by using mercury even with enriched products.


  • You have to check cosmetic ingredients to avoid before buying cosmetic product.
  • Not tested on animals or humans.
  • Avoid bleaching agents.
  • Mercury is poison for the skin.



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