Dieting and Fitness: Things Many Men Don’t Know About

Having all the meals in a day never equals dieting.This is a mistake many people make while in essence, dieting goes beyond mere eating to doing it right. However, here is the catch. What does doing it right entails? Well, I shall explore this later on in this post. Then there is the issue of fitness. Usually, fitness, most people think is all about being able to work for long hours a day without getting weary. This is equally wrong. In trying to establish the true definition of fitness, it wouldn’t suffice without linking it to dieting. You can’t hope to hit the gym in a malnourished health and expect to be fit.

You will be exposing yourself to more danger. You’ve got to eat as recommended by top dieticians in order to think about fitness that defines a real man’s way of life. So, are you thinking about having stronger biceps and triceps to call it fitness? While men focus on body building to an extent of using steroids to acquire desired manly shape, this too should be weighed into.  Men’s body are more muscular and this makes them way different from women. In the same breath, a man’s fitness goal varies significantly from that of a woman, and so is dieting.  Well, before I take a nosedive into this subject, consider the following;


  • The link between fitness from a man’s viewpoint varies from that of a woman and so, getting to connect it with dieting should never be about eating pounds of meals a day.
  • If you want to be fit, dieting to increasing in size is not even closer to it.  Most of the times, this is what people get wrong instead of focusing on the real issues preventing many men from being fit.
  • While a balanced diet is a plus to a man who hits the gym every day, your fitness goals should be tied to foods that contribute positively to your well-being. In other words, once you make a decision to start a journey to fitness, your choice of foods should always change varyingly
  • To be sure you are making positive progress, you need a fitness instructor. He or she should be a professional to say the least.

Herein are more fitness issues many men do not know about;


It all begins in the mind


Virtually everything starts from here and fitness and dieting are no different. The resolve to shape up and live strong is all but conceived in the mind. Visualize how you want to look and what mode of dieting will get you there before designing a fitness routine.


Keep it moderate but intense

Intense men

Depending on fitness diet you are on, most of the times keeping track of your fitness progress shouldn’t be premised on working out for long hours. Short periods of 2-3 hours every morning and evening will do just good. If you have excuse not to do, start building daily routine of 40-50 minutes with good healthy nutrition.

Impatience is another definition of giving up


A number of men can’t wait to start feeling heavily built and even notice it. It should be one-step at a time and you will get there. With this, design a workout plan and duration for monitoring progress.


  • Dieting and Fitness is a decision.
  • Shape up and live strong is all but conceived in the mind.
  • The minimum is start building daily routine of 40-50 minutes with good healthy nutrition. .
  • Design a workout plan and duration for monitoring progress.



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