Friends- Are You Sure What She Really Tell Her Friends About You?

Some people call it gossip and others call it small talk in the streets. Whatever the case, you have to always live with the fact that someone you care about and love must have told others something about you. The point is; are you revealing way too much about yourself to others to an extent that once they start gossiping about it, privacy issues come to play? Well, those who love one another; a man and a woman, are supposed to be free with each other.

In fact, secrets can hurt a relationship more than anything else. But while every woman will always want to appreciate her man even if it means telling her friends about that special someone in her life, are you sure she is saying the right things about you? And how can you know your wife, lover or girlfriend speak well of you to others? A relationship, particularly a romantic one or marriage ought to involve two people but when she speaks so much about what transpire between you to others that you start to feel it, then something is definitely not right and it is time you sorted out issues.

Man and women

Further, while discussions between a man and a woman who love one another are free-willed, sometimes it is wrong to say so much to the world (friends) that one of the partners feel betrayed in some way. This however depends on the agreement you have had with your spouse regarding what should be confined to the heart or bedroom and what should be spoken of freely even outside the relationship. Ostensibly, friends can be the reason why a relationship thrives and at the same time, friends can bring everything tumbling down. It depends on what she tells them about you. Here are a few factors to consider;


  • How can you tell what she is telling her friends about you?
  • Is there a need to ensure certain things lovers discuss between themselves?
  • How can you deal with a ‘walkie-talkie’ in a relationship who doesn’t know the boundary between private matters and things she can freely relay to her friends in relationship discussions?

To understand this subject further, take a look below for tips on how to tell if she is saying the right or wrong things to her friends about you;

How do her friends treat you?


Well, it is practically easy to make head or tail of what your spouse has been telling her friends about you. This can be through the rare but very important sentiments you get from her friends. In those comments, at least if you are keen enough and always take them seriously, you may get to know of whether she has discussed intimate things about you with her friends or general ones.


How does she treat you when her friends are around?

Tell her Friends about you

Getting to know how your spouse feels around you when she is with her friends and you tagged along should be food for thought. Do you always hold hands during such times or keep a distance?


  • Secrets can hurt a relationship more than anything.
  • Ask yourself if she has something to talk about?
  • Does she treat you well?
  • Does she love you?
  • If the answers are yes. She loves me and treat me well.
  • You have a great relationship and she will talk only good things about you.



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