Gentleman or gentle man- What is the difference?

Gentleman or Gentle Man- What is the difference? Well, from the onset, the terms ‘gentleman’ and ‘gentle man’ may sound and even look outright similar, hence confusing. Gentleman or gentle man

However, once you take note of the fact that the former is one word, linguistically called compound word and the latter, two words, you will then start to think hard about them as you try to figure out what differences or similarities exist between the two. Fundamentally, the word ‘man’ is a commonality in the two and this brings to a close shave, a green light for some insightful understanding. Let’s start by saying that there is a big difference between a man and a gentleman. To make this simpler for the layman, every human that falls in the category of masculine gender is a man. Then there is the term gentleman and its meaning that is fondly associated with men ladies want to associate with.

Well, just to say the least thus far, to be a man is universal and to be a gentleman is by choice. To be a gentleman is understood to be what many men aspire and their sole intentions is always to be a favorite of ladies in the dating scene or to be treasures to a wife or a girlfriend. If you are referred to as a gentleman by your wife, then you are undoubtedly one lucky person. You don’t have to be a macho man to be a gentleman. Now let’s drop the term ‘man’ and consider these two terms ‘gentleman’ and gentle man.’ Having taken a look into how the term gentleman comes to the fore, what remains to be of great concern is the term ‘gentle man.’

If in your reading you come across the two, one distinct feature anyone would notice is that the term ‘ gentle man’ is made up of two distinct words, ‘man’ and ‘gentle’ which are conspicuously separated by a space.  So, having a good understanding of who a man is would certainly mean you look up for the meaning of the word ‘gentle.’ To this end, we take a look into the real differences between ‘gentleman’ and ‘gentle man.’ Note that in any context, the two terms cannot be used interchangeably whatsoever, so let’s dig deeper.

A gentleman is courageous, a gentle man is timid

When it comes to choosing between being a gentleman and gentle man, you have got to consider the aspect of how things are supposed to done and especially to that lady in your life. When you exude confidence in everything you do, you qualify as a gentleman. However, when you act slowly and cowardly or do things gently, many would say you are timid hence call you a gentle man.

A gentleman believes in himself, a gentle man does not

The other difference that distinguishes a gentleman and a gentle man is self actualization and assertiveness. While the former is more assertive, the latter is often restrained and unsure of any action he takes and this makes a huge difference.

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