Get Up and Close with facts about Men’s fitness

Well, every day, many men in different parts of the world attend some yoga class or better still, a gym session.  All these are aimed at being fit. But here is a question. What do you understand by being fit man?  Is it about aging slowing so that even at your sixties, you can still act strong and youthful?  There is no doubt that those who feel youthful at advanced age are fit.  Most people at their sixties and seventies are prone to lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and obesity.

However these are not a must pass through. Some health conditions are bound to happen at advanced age because one thing that is for sure is that bones age too. But here is the catch. As a man, you can delay among other things, the time when wrinkles will start to appear on your face and even avoid using a walking stick completely. It all starts now. You must weigh into the question of what defines fitness from a man’s perspective and what are the best ways to approach it.

While you could be reliably informed on a few issues regarding fitness, there is certainly more you will for instance learn from a professional fitness instructors so that every step of the way is guided by facts. In other words, hitting the gym without seeking the right advice on what fitness equipments are meant for what will hurt you in the long run. Take for instance weightlifting. Many men want to have stronger muscles and six-pack and with this, they misconstrue a man’s fitness routine to be all about carrying heavy loads in the name of burning calories.  This is a big myth which I intend to debunk in this post but before that; here are some things to keep in mind;

  • To understand what fitness is all about and certainly partake in activities related to it correctly, you need to make amends between your perceptions and what professional fitness instructors have to say.
  • There is a lot that regards being fit and with this, it is time you moved away from clichés such as you must carry heavy loads to burn calories.

Below, I get you an inch closer to facts about men’s fitness, so read on for details;


Get a fitness partner


This could be your best friend, workmate or neighbor. The journey to fitness is not always riddled with smile. There are times you will feel like giving up and only a fitness buddy could be your only motivator.  This is someone with whom you will attend gym sessions or any fitness lessons.

Keep it natural


natural Men’s fitness

Steroids, while they deliver results, always have some negative effects depending on how you mix the supplements and this could mean you survive on them to retain your shape. In as much as this is always tempting, a proper diet plan that majors on energy giving foods, water and minerals will keep you powered throughout.


  • What do you understand by being fit man?
  • Do you understand what fitness is all about?
  • The journey to fitness can be easy with partner or a group .
  • The best is to keep it natural.



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