Health Magazine for Men: Five Best Magazines in U.S I Can Learn From

Health Magazine for Men: Five Best Magazines in U.S I Can Learn From: Reading is healthy and is by extension a source of knowledge. For most people living in this age, there is probably that magazine you have to read at least every week.

However, the number of times someone reeds a magazine is determined by among other things, the frequency with which it is published. For example, there are magazines which are published weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Magazines are more often than not concentrated on particular issues such as men’s issues, health, motors, environment, economic issues, politics and many other areas of general concern. This is what gives many magazine lovers out there the will and zeal to read one issue after the other.

The interconnectedness between one magazine issue and the next is often what creates an urge to continue reading. As one waits anxiously for a continuation of a topic in the next issues, a magazine that is thoughtfully written will always be mind boggling. It will always leave you richly endowed with new information and knowledge. Apart from these, magazines are immensely entertaining. This is not only about their luscious designs but also the content in them. Further, a magazine that dwells on health issues is one that will always help many readers adjust their eating habits, exercise routine and living skills. There are plenty of issues you can learn from health magazines. There are also those which dwell in reproductive health. It can be men’s reproductive health or women’s. It is on this premise that most often, magazines target varied readership niche.

There are magazines purposely published for children and those which cut across the gender divide, in which case, men and women. Also, there are magazine publications which are of general concern in which case, they are read by men and women. Well, in this post, we take a look at some leading magazine for men in the U.S you can learn from.

Men’s health

Menshealth magazine

With its first issue published in the year 1987, Men’s health is a bestselling magazine in the U.S and worldwide. With incisive tips on how to keep fit and stay health, the magazine has remained a force to reckon with in recent memory.  It also focuses on men’s sexuality and fashion, all of which are relevant to a modern macho man. Men’s health is published by Rodale Inc in Pennsylvania, U.S. You have got to lay your hands on this magazine at least for once and you will always be anxiously waiting for subsequent issues.

Men’s fitness

 fitness in the U.S

This is also another ideal magazine focusing on men’s health and fitness in the U.S. Circulation numbers for this magazine are in the range of 2 million.

Gentlemen’s quarterly (GQ)

GQ Magazin

The road to becoming a gentleman can be an expensive ride. However, GQ men magazine emphasizes on men’s health, fashion and culture.


Ask Men

Ask Men

This is also another popular magazine for men with a special emphasis on health topics. It sells well in U.S and beyond as well available online for subscriptions.


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