How Can a Man Live The American Dream and Get a Green Card

American Dream

The pursuit of American Dream has not been extinguished in many living souls around the world.

This is because every day and in some part of the world, someone is struggling to make it to the United States of America either illegally or legally. Illegal immigrants that cross into the U.S through the Mexican border and other areas have been a challenge to authorities for many years now because the ‘good life thirsty’ immigrants won’t just relent on their desire to be in America even it means through crooked means. However, this is a topic for another day.

Becoming a citizen of America can be very easy or extremely difficult depending on the means you use to be here. Over the years, those seeking permanent residency in the United States have made good use of legal avenues such as applying for a green card either online or at the U.S consulates around the world.

It is however important to note that not everyone who applies to stay in the United States of America qualifies for it. The issue of Green Card is largely based on luck but it is never wrong to try. You could be the next lucky winner of a green card!

American Dream






Setting foot in America and this time for good is a close shave with green card. However, before you can live the American dream, it is important to do things right and do the right things when applying for a permanent residency in U.S. Not that there is a huge difference between applying to be a U.S citizen and applying for a green card.

For many years, those applying and winners of green card have done so, largely on the premise of wanting to realize their life’s dream in America and make good their intentions of living the American dream. So, how exactly are you supposed to partake on the application process? Let’s take a look at some expert tips on just how you can start living the American dream pretty soon using a green card.

 American dream

Find out about your green card eligibility

It is common knowledge that a holder of green card has been given the green light to live, study and work in the United States.  However, living the American dream should start with finding out if you are eligible for it. Virtually everyone is eligible and so, you should not shy away from applying. Make sure to answer background check questions correctly.

 American Dream


Who issues a green card?

Many green-card related frauds are everywhere on the web these days and this calls for one who wants to apply to take extra caution. You should inquire at the U.S embassies, consulates or on homeland security websites whether there are fees involved. Well, there a number of options to explore such as diversity immigrant visa program, which is also known as Green Card Lottery; Legal immigration Family equity Act; and special immigrant Juvenile Status and non-immigrant? Once you have applied, wait for your luck.

Green card

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