How to Be the Hottest Guy at Your Office

How to Be

Jealous of the hot new guy on the second floor? Don’t be. Jealousy of other people’s blessings won’t get you anywhere, my friend, and instead of nurturing negative emotions about yourself and others, you should be nurturing your mind and body in order to grow and surpass your “competition”. You might think that someone who is more handsome than you is your rival, yet the only person you should be trying to beat at anything in life is yourself.

It might sound a bit cheesy, but it’s true – you need to feel good, nay, amazing in your own skin so that you can become the hottest guy in any room. Here’s how you too can easily become the most attractive guy in your office, and everywhere else.

Nurture your complexion

First and foremost, did you remember to wash your face this morning? Moreover, do you nurture your complexion on a daily basis so as to maintain a radiant, youthful glow? Chances are you are rolling with what nature bestowed upon you, and your daily skincare regime entails lukewarm water once or twice a day.

If you want to radiate hotness, you need to put a little more effort than that, so start using skincare products on a daily basis and introduce a day and night time skincare regime that will elevate your natural complexion to a completely new level of attractiveness.

Broaden your horizons

How to be

A man’s worth is portrayed by the experiences he carries in his heart. A man’s gaze can be naïve and full of fear, or it can be wise, imbued with knowledge and adventure, forged by an endless pursuit of self-actualization. If you want to be the one whose presence is felt and known every time you step into a room, you need to experience some life-changing things in your life.

Go on a safari, travel the world, read every book you can find, master a foreign language, learn how to dance and to play an instrument – all of these experiences combined will make you a delightful person to be around, and the talk of the entire office.

Develop a personal style

You want to look professional and sharp around the office, but you also want to portray your ravishingly debonair personality to the world. This is not an easy task as you can easily slip into limbo, being neither cool nor uptight, bleak and undefined. Therefore, you need a personal style.

Now, depending on the type of office you work at, you want to decorate your formal attire with unique pieces that will make you look better than celebs on the red carpet, but will also highlight your professionalism and expertise. Use accessories such as pocket squares, beaded bracelets and stylish socks to your advantage to bring your outfit to a new level of cool.

Empower yourself

How to Be the Hottest Guy

There are some things in life you can’t make up for with stylish attire, wild experiences or skincare regimes as some facial features are purely genetic and unfortunately, people tend to live out their lives in the shadow of their external shortcomings. This doesn’t have to be you.

If you have a part of your body that makes you doubt your worth, that makes you avoid looking in the mirror even when you’re alone, then you need to empower yourself and take the necessary steps to banish the cause of your self-doubt for good. One of the best ways to deal with any external problem are cosmetic surgery procedures, so don’t hesitate to research that option in an attempt to ensure a lifetime of happiness.

A gentleman is always sexy

Finally, gentlemanly conduct can never go out of style. There is nothing more appealing to men or women than being in the presence of a true gentleman, a man who has a set of manners the kids would deem archaic, yet they make him a real man.

So, stand up straight, pull those shoulder blades back, sit up straight at your desk, grace everyone you meet with a ravishing smile and a firm handshake complemented with a warm gaze to melt any heart. Don’t forget to be humble but proud, assertive yet respectful, always mindful of your surroundings and you will become the alpha male of your office.

Being hot is not all about looks, rather it’s about having a certain set of personality traits complemented with a dazzling exterior that will allow you to become a true man, and a hot one at that. Be sure to follow these simple steps and you will become the hottest guy at your office.



Peter is a men’s grooming writer at HighStyleLife and TheBeardMag magazine from UK. Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe! Follow Peter on Twitter for more men’s fashion and grooming tips.

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