How To Kill It On Your First Date and Win Her Heart

Dating scene continues to change with every passing day and this means, as a man who is still searching for Mrs. Right, you’ve got to adjust to some of these changes and particularly those which can help you avoid awful experiences in the presence of ladies. Yes, there can be a time when you hook up with a woman who defines every trait befitting someone of a virtuous character only to realize you need more than just hiding to bail yourself from public embarrassment. While it is not common practise among many ladies in the dating scene, any wrong move can earn you a slap on the face. Not literally though. In other words, no man would want to be turned turn down or ridiculed by a woman they are in love with because at the very least, men love their ego. When your ego gets bruised by a woman full of pride, which is the exact opposite of being egoistic, you could end up hiding your face for a very long time. The blame is squarely on you because as is a common rule of the thumb in the dating arena, men make the first move.

So, how do you make sure to break the ice without losing sight of her and most importantly, win her over on the first date?  A lot of things can happen on a first date and it is usually not for the faint-hearted. For instance, a lady could give you a wrong picture of herself such as acting like she doesn’t care or simply acting moody and choosy. But trust me, even with all these; it is possible to tell if she really likes you.  With these, take into account the following before I discuss more tips on this subject;


  • You shouldn’t read much into a lady’s moods or anything of the sort on a first date. All you need to find out is if she is really listening to your every word. While it is appreciable that she has decided to meet you, nothing much would come out of it except determining if you’ve killed it and a new meeting date has become a deal.
  • First dates could mean meeting with a total stranger. This is usually tricky but as a man who is confident enough to take on the challenge, turning everything to your favor is subject to what I explore hereafter;

Groom yourself like gentleman and be one


There is always something striking about being a gentleman. In fact, ladies prefer to hang out with men who understand this and do exactly that to those who care the less. It includes dressing for the occasion and conducting yourself well.


Courtesy is not far-fetched


On your first date, courtesy can play an immense role in winning her heart. This is all about how you speak. You shouldn’t only be audible but use words sparing. Avoid bursting out and giggles. It cast a shadow of arrogance. Use words that solemnize her heart and speak softly.


  • You shouldn’t read much into a lady’s moods .
  • First date is a meeting with a total stranger.
  • Be a gentleman for the date.
  • Courtesy can play an immense role in winning her heart.



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