How To Look Young Even In Your 60s

How To Look Young

When images of Wang Deshun, 80-year old man Chinese model surfaced online depicting someone who is incredibly fit and still wanting to show the world what he has, the world was taken into frenzy. In fact, it could have been mistaken for a lie among many men. Since then, Wang Deshun became known as china’s hottest grandpa, thanks to his physique that got many yearning for more.  With that, he redefined the meaning of being fit at 60 and raised the bar.

This is something you can possibly achieve, after all, who doesn’t want to look young and strong even at old age?  Being aged 80 years is considerably advanced and as is the case with Wang, he stepped into a fashion hall in silver hair on his head and beards but he never looked frail even for a second. In fact, he walked in majesty and looked straight into the eyes of everyone humorously depicting a man who has done everything it takes to look young all the past eight decades. With this, the world will certainly be waiting to see Wang Deshun when he becomes a centenarian.

How To Look Young

Well, it takes more than a desire to be fit in your sixties. You must walk the talk and it begins now. But a question which many would be asking is what it rather takes to look younger and less flabby at advanced age.  Notably, looking young and strong takes into account a range of things among which are ensuring your skin is tight, your facial expression is youthful, you’ve got strong bones and is well-built.  Before I tell you how, take a look at the following;

  • Looking young in your sixties is something which goes beyond your desires. You must put your wishes into action by doing everything it takes. This is the beginning of the journey.
  • It also takes a strong-willed spirit and determination to go out there and show the world that anyone can be a macho man.
  • A man’s desire when it comes to fitness revolve around a strong and appealing physique but many do little and know little about this.

Take a look below for tips that will see you through to your sixties looking young;


The power is in your mind

power is in your mind

Well, to remain young even at 60s, you’ve got to claim the power of doing in your mind. Conceive the idea and meditate on it every day and night. There is nothing as powerful as a mind that is healthy and strong. It will keep you young and energetic all the years long.


Exercise is magical

young and energetic

The secret to having healthy bones and skins is exercising. With the help of a fitness instructor, all you’ve got to do is design a workout routine that fits into your everyday schedule. You will look back on this with a broad smile.


Healthy eating

junk foods

People suffer because they ignore what is knowledgeably useful. To keep fit, avoid processed foods, junk foods and carbonated drinks at all costs.


  • You must put your wishes into action.
  • You must have strong-willed spirit and determination.
  • Start learning and desire to take care of your fitness .
  • The power of doing is in your mind.
  • The secret to having healthy bones and skins is exercising.
  • Avoid processed foods, junk foods and carbonated drinks at all costs.



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