I Do Not Regret Anything that I Have Done Except of Not Being the Best Like Donald Trump

I Do Not Regret Anything that I Have Done Except of Not Being the Best Like Donald Trump. Being a man is riddled with challenges. First and foremost, you don’t just have to be a man but you’ve got to work towards achieving the status of a gentleman.

There are many other things that come with being of the masculine gender. You have got to take good care of that woman in your life or all the same, your family. But come to think of it, are there some things which men regret not doing in their lives? Is it a must to be like everyone else if it at the end of the day, it will not make you happy? Men admire rich fellow men and this is always a driving force towards achievement of goals. Any man out there probably has a role model who is notwithstanding super rich and to them; they want to be like that person.

Rich Man

According to many people, rich men live a luxurious, comfortable and happy life, but don’t you think rich men also cry as some saying puts it? This post does not aim at whether this assertion holds true but rather, why a man in some part of the world will find it regretful for not achieving the status of super rich men like Donald Trump. There is pretty much to admire about Donald Trump. He is not only rich but also a reputed business mogul. He is a smart investor with a monetary value running into billions of U.S dollars. One would probably think Donald Trump is not just complete in him but also lacks nothing this life has to offer.

Another man would be thinking why a person of Trump’s caliber is running for U.S Presidency when he can sit back and watch America’s economy grow many folds in his name and that of other super rich men. Well, you can do everything and achieve all your goals, but there is someone who will never be happy if he can’t make it to be among the best there is like Donald Trump. You must probably be asking questions like what did Donald Trump do differently to be the best in wealth and status? What is holding you back from being the best? This post helps you get started by examining some steps to greatness.

Be a smart planner

When it comes to achieving your life’s dream, sometime you may tend to focus on having enough wealth at the expense of your reputation. This cannot take you anywhere near the status of Trump. You’ve got to lay your hands of Trump’s books on success and read on how being a smart planner will definitely steer you to being the best.

Be a straight shooter to the top

This is one of Trump’s favorite quotes captured in his many publications. Well, there is no way you can get to the top is you can’t focus on it.

Passion is the key to being the best

Whatever you hands find to do, do it with passion and success will be coming your way sooner than later. Have a passion for one thing at a time.

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