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They say love comes once. But this doesn’t mean you have to redeem yourself from mistakes you made in past failed relationships. A good way to justify this then would be; you have to kiss so many frogs before you finally find your soul mate; someone with whom you are compatible.  Many say compatible is a complex issue to let prevail on falling in love but when looked at carefully, it is actually the simple and fun things you share with a woman of your dreams. From smiling back at her when her face lightens up, to being a reason she is happy even when life’s challenges seem to weigh both of you down.  And so, here is a love story cut short. A story that would lend credence to most relationship stories out there.

Story of dating

Personal Experience Story Of Dating

A few years ago, precisely; four years, I met Lynn. It was during one of our morning lectures. I stumbled upon her on the doorway leading into the lecture room. She almost fell but I helped her regain her balance. ‘Sorry,’ I said, I then acted like I hadn’t seen her even though she is a lady I always admired. She was calm, collected and spoke only when necessary, not to mention her beauty that kept me glued to her every movement.  I always had a thing for simple and somehow, introverted ladies but how I was going to break into her world remained a mystery I had to unravel. So, this morning, she just picked her stuff and said ‘Hi,’ and dashed into the lecture room leaving me there frozen, my hand stretched out for a handshake. That never happened. How awful!  You know even getting closer to her was something I had to mutter the courage to do but as it turned out, this day was to change everything.


Fast forward to months later when I had to overcome myself and face her during a community outreach program. So I decided to head straight to where she was seated and requested to for a space close to her.  She obliged. I spent close to half an hour without uttering a word but when I did, I remember saying ‘Hello Lynn, we’ve met again!’ The only words I managed to mutter. That started a conversation anyway.  As the meeting ended, we exchanged contacts and promised to reach out soon.  While I was actually dying to meet her every day, projects made it impossible and the  little time we could get in the evening went into presentations and social group meetings, most of which we didn’t share.



One afternoon, barely a few minutes past midday, I received a call. ‘Hello Steve, are you free tomorrow?’ I knew for sure it was Lynn. Her voice is something that had become engraved into my subconscious. I replied, ‘Hello Lynn, of course yes. Tomorrow is a free day for me. It was obvious a date was in the offing and we agreed to meet. It was only two weeks to the end of our undergraduate program and such was an opportunity not to miss.  The next day in the evening at 5 O’clock, we met in town over coffee and realized how much was burning inside us to share with each other. More meetings followed. We got to know each other more and love just happened. The rest is history and as I said, it is a long story cut short but as I write this, Lynn and I are married and we are blessed with a baby boy who we have named, Lincoln Jr.  Benjamin is one year old.

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