Love, the Most Popular Word for Many…

Love, the most popular word for many… Love is the said to be the biggest commandment, right? But how do you know you love someone for love’s sake? popular wordThe opposite of love is hate and which is easy to notice. Perhaps the best way to define and understand love is by taking a look at its exact opposite; hate.  Well, around the world, hatred has led to wanton destruction of property and disasters. Hatred has also set precedence where human kind view itself as different from others in terms of religion, color of one’s skin, political ideologies, social class and more. When hate soars to greater heights, it is humanity that suffers. Hate makes people lose their humane feelings for each other. Being humane is arguably bred by love and in which case, you feel that someone needs to be cared for. Well, when it comes to love, it is imperative to note that there are many forms of it. The kind of love you feel for someone would certainly define the kind of relationship you strike.

God’s love for human kind is universal and it is this kind of love that is encouraged between one person and another. This is because everyone is a friend. There is also parental love. In a big way, your parents will always want to see to it that you are happy and cared for. This is a clear manifest right from birth to adulthood. Even if you get married and move home to some distant part of the world, parental love and vice versa never fades. Then there is the case of romantic love and which forms the gist of this post. The world over, men and women fall in love with each other and over time, settle down as husband and wife. At teen age, boys and girls feel attracted to each other and just like it is with the case of those who have attained the age of adulthood, the feelings are so sweet and intense that minutes spent away from each other feel like years. Love makes you want to be close to your boyfriend or girlfriend at all times. To the newly wedded, honeymoon always marks the epitome of it all. To this end, lets narrow down to specific aspects that make love so popular among many that they cannot fathom doing without it.

As the biggest commandment, love is popular indeed

One of the reasons why love is said to be a popular world among many is because it is in scriptures of religious holy books as one the biggest commandment and this makes people want to practice and show love to each other affectionately. Some are just curious to find out why this assertion hold true among millions of people around the world.

Love is a mysterious strange attraction

If you have ever fallen in love and in this case, madly in love with someone, there are high chances you are yet to give an explanation to why suddenly, you started getting attracted to someone you hardly knew before. Love is indeed a sweet mystery.

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