Makeup Tips For Rainy Weather

Body grooming is not just about dressing well but also using the right cosmetic products for your skin and hair. Every skin type needs different care and the sooner you know your type, the better it is for you whenever every season sets in. Fundamentally, weather changes have a direct impact on not only the type of dresses or clothes one puts on but also among other things, the type of perfume one sprays. This notwithstanding, the type of shoes one puts on also varies significantly from one season to another. In this post, we focus on the rainy season.

rainy weather

Rainy weather is a difficult one for not just modelers but also those who always want to dress the part the best way they can. However, as much as you apply your makeup tips for the rainy weather, it is equally important to factor in the issue of fashion. Fashion changes with every season and you will not want be a laughing stock during rainy weather simply because you have dressed in attire that are best suited for dry season. This brings me to the following issues that will have a significant impact on the next steps you take in as far as fashion makeup tips for rainy weather is concerned;


  • It is always important to consult with your fashion advisor what clothing and other makeup best suits rainy weather. Failing to step out in the right attire and makeup for this season will be a direct admission that you don’t understand grooming and fashion.
  • Celebrities can always be a yardstick upon which you measure your fashion tastes and preferences so that you put on clothes and a pair of shoes you are most comfortable in during rainy weather. This is because fashion icons and celebrities are always on top of the game when it comes to grooming rightly for every season.
  • Rainy season is always a time when chances of your clothes getting dirty are very high and so is changing clothes a few times a day. This means it is a time you must make important changes to your wardrobe so that you are always on point with your every grooming choices.

Here are a few makeup tips to fire you up during monsoon season;

Facial makeup

There is a lot of humidity during rainy weather and this means you will be sweating a lot. On this premise, oil based products are not the best option to go with because they will make your day horrible due to excessive sweating. It is however safe to use water based products that will limit sweating to very significant levels so that your day is not affected.  This means that facial creams are a better option and not facial oils during monsoon weather.

rainy weather

Go for waterproof mascara

Loved and made by Hollywood actors, nothing will see you through the day like waterproof mascara and this is particularly for ladies who want to look their best even in the rain. Ensure the product is waterproof.



  • Every skin type needs different care. What is your type?
  • Consult with your fashion advisor.
  • Rainy season it is a time you must make important changes to your wardrobe .
  • It’s safe to use water based products that will limit sweating .
  • Go for waterproof mascara.



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