Man Love Dating Older Women. Get 5 Ideas Why?

Man Love Dating Older Women

Dating Older Women

Conventionally, dating older women has been regarded as persona non-grata but not anymore if real stories are anything to go by. While the rule of the thumb for most people around the world is to get married to a woman who is younger, many are increasingly questioning the myths and beliefs associated with it.  What is most understood among men of different calibres is that women age faster and so, a younger woman for a wife would beget a couple many years of sexual productivity. But things are changing rapidly and so, stories of men getting married to women who are twice or older have become something of the commonplace.  From celebrities making headlines in showbiz to a world supposedly overtaken by information overload, people in different parts of the globe are increasingly appreciating what many would term as bizarre; of, men loving and dating older women.  But here is the catch. Why would a man overlook all the pretty ladies around and opt for older women? Is there something about falling in love with older women that one should know? Will such a discovery change not just the whole scene of dating, engagement but also love and marriage?


There is no doubt that cases of men dating older women are on the rise and this has put the dating scene into frenzy. People want to know why a man in his twenties as have been seen so many times decides to date and even get married to a woman in her fifties.  Is there true love in such relationships? On the contrary, one would wonder what is wrong with such a man. Further, has younger ladies lost it? Many would argue that the origin of these kinds of relationships has to do with sex tourism where younger men and women end up with older men and women. But again, successful marriages arising out of such bizarre relationships have been reported.  Ethics aside, there is every twist and turn to these types of dates, some of which are justifiable, but first; take note of the following;

  • Love is passionate feeling that most often, is manifested between a man and woman who wants to settle down in marriage but when romance develops between an older woman and a younger man, spanners are usually thrown into the works. The question is; does age difference bar one from loving?
  • How has the showbiz world shaped how people perceive love between older women and younger men?
  • Is it a crime to date older women and if not, does ethics bar one from doing so?

Below are some reasons why younger men are becoming more and more addicted to loving older women;

For financial gains

Financial gains

The sugar mummy syndrome is here to stay. Younger men who date older women usually do so for purposes of financial gains. Actually, this is argued to be the best explanation for such relationships.


Younger ladies are not serious

 ladies are not serious

Young men who enter into relationships with older women also say they do so because ladies of today are not ready for serious relationships and so, they would rather date older women who are ready for commitment and would definitely be serious in all matters relationship.




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