Marriage- What Men Think About It Before They Do The Big Step?

Marriage viewed differently depending on which religion one ascribes. This means that men and women around the world think differently about marriage. Is it for an example all about friendship or there is something much more to it? From a man’s worldview, there is something about marriage than women want to know about and if they do, it depends on how free one is with a man in her life.  The question is; as a man, does your view of it or instrumentally, what you think about marriage has a negative or positive impact overall institution of marriage? Successful relationships are built on these very views, which many men hold in high esteem regarding a marriage relationship.


Well, before you make that big step of walking her down the aisle, you really need to understand, from the onset, what you are getting into. Getting a woman to love you isn’t a mere thing of wanting to procreate and fulfill some other obligations required of a man. It has nothing to do with conjugal rights but all to do with companionship; at least according to modern views on living a married life. In this regard and before you make the most crucial decision in your adult life by sliding a ring down her finger, is your view about marriage inclined to companionship, happiness and success?  Well, before I look into this deeply, think about the following:


  • At some point in time, every man wants to settle down with a woman of his dreams, someone he endears and loves wholeheartedly but the question is; are you aware of what comes with a hefty decision, that is marriage?
  • Beliefs play significance before and in marriage. The question is; how does marriage resonate with your Christian or Jewish values and customs? This applies to other religions as well.
  • What are some critical decisions you need to make before you walk into a married life?

As explored hereafter, I take you through some things men think about regarding marriage before tying the knot.


Compatibility is the key in marriage


You must have wondered many times why a man and a woman would want to break up after two or more decades in marriage. This shutters the theory of marrying for convenience because you simply can’t waste each other’s time for over twenty years is when you realize it can’t work. Many in this regard, often talk about irreconcilable differences but, are these truths to buy? Well, either you might as well weight into the question of compatibility. If you disagree on virtually everything, one person is a perfectionist or you are simply incompatible.


What is she bringing into this marriage?


Before a man commits to marriage, many questions often race through one’s mind and one of them is what a woman is bringing into a married life. While most women will be looking into stability and happiness, men more often than not, think about companionship incomparable to nothing else.  It is never about the money but comfort at heart and peace in the mind.


  • Check yourself if you are ready for marriage.
  • Marriage comes with responsibility.
  • What can you bring to your marriage at list like your future wife.



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