Relationship-5 Best Tips For Having Fruitful Relationship Without Losing Your Life


Relationships can be a headache if you do not know how to go about them and particularly where a man and a woman who love each other want to spend their life together constantly find themselves in a state of disagreement. There are many things which usually come to the fore when every time you are in a relationship things fall apart even before the end of the first month. Most part of it comes down to you. Are you the cause for fallout in a relationship and if so, what is it that you always do wrong? Do you know how to love a woman right or you are the type of a man who is easily irritable? Some talk of compatibility when it comes to finding a soul mate and which means, someone with whom you are meant to be and spend the rest of your lives together. Compatibility however comes in many ways. It could be through shared ways of upbringing, shared interests or shared values. Whatever the case, it is important to know that which attracts you to a woman.


But once you get into a relationship, making it a success depends partly on what you bring into it as a man, and what your woman brings along. Don’t misconstrue this to mean money or material things. These are just but a complement. Successful relationships are founded on many other things, most of which are linked to emotions, attitudes, attributes and values. Before I take you through what I consider the best tips for having a relationship that is fruitful without losing your life to it, here are some considerations to make;


  • No one will initiate a process of fixing your mess in a relationship. It all starts and ends with you even if you seek the help of a relationship counselor. You must therefore know what makes your spouse happy and do it without stopping.
  • When your relationship is in the rocks because of challenges, it doesn’t mean it will be like that forever. It should however be a time to be stronger for each other and overcome
  • Understand your partner wholly and you can be rest assured of a happy relationship

Below are more tips to help you love her without losing your life in the process;


Be patient about everything and with your partner


Most people lose their patience in a relationship and especially if their expectations are not met within a short time. Studies have indicated that patience cost many a blossoming relationship. Understand your partner and keep up with their pace of doing things.


Understand that challenges come and go


No condition is permanent is perhaps the best phrase that sums it all up. Relationships sometimes go through tempest of times but how you handle such situations would break it or make it. Don’t forget that it won’t last long before better days are here and of course if you are committed to doing so.


Everyone has a weakness, avoid rebuking your partner

your partner

People are created uniquely in some way and this is why one person can’t be humanly perfect in the face of another fellow human being. But for a relationship to survive, you should understand your partner’s weakness and never use it to rebuke or condemn her.


  • Relationships can be a headache or beautiful.
  • Successful relationship is work from the heart.
  • You have to be patience in a relationship.
  • Understand your partner.
  • Complete your soal mate weakness.
  • Love each other for life.



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