Secrets Revealed: What Makes a Man Attractive to a Woman?

Secrets revealed: what makes a man attractive to a woman? Courtship has been there since time immemorial, however, over the years, a lot has changed regarding the way a man relates to a woman. This is to say that, as a man, what would attract a woman to you may not be the same as what attracts the same woman to another man. Well, for a long time, it should also be noted that the desire to marry or date has been principally occasioned by age. It is all about cultural, legal and religious prescriptions that as one advance above age of adulthood which for a long has been riveted on eighteen years, marriage becomes something not only eminent but also inevitable. To this day, men and women have continued to witness some unexplained attractions to each other and consequently call it love as the feelings of attraction grown stronger by every passing day.

what makes a man attractive to a woman?

For most men, getting attracted to a woman with physical attractiveness is mostly defined by beauty. However, this is not always the only reason why a man finds a woman worth loving. On the contrary, women see handsome men as irresistible but imperatively, this is also not the sole purpose they easily give in to men’s quest for a romantic relationship.  This is nature for they say men love what they see and women give in to what they feel. However, research findings have established a number of other interesting reasons why women find men attractive. Around the world, these reasons are more or less replicate because in one way or another, women have sameness in terms of needs and expectations. These expectations and needs as shall be explored later in this post, also point to some of the things which women find attractive in a man and as a result, are choosy when it comes to the man they fall in love with. While most of these things may be in the public domain, obvious but least talked of, and in this regard, dating scene, some may be viewed as deep secrets only known to the men and woman who have mastered the art of dating. In this post, we explore some of the secrets things which attract a woman to a man, so take a nosedive hereafter for more details.

A man’s physique

Well, many women fall for men who are in good shape and to them; this is a big definition of being handsome or find his inner beauty. For instance, there are women who find men with six pack abs irresistible. Generally, a man whose physique is big and well built is attractive to women.  Men that are well built give women a sense of security.

The macho man

There is also a case of macho man. This is the man who knows what fits where and how to carry out one’s self in public places. It also about grooming well and assuming the right posture; sitting or standing, talking articulately and women will be drooling over you everywhere you go, day and night.

The Science Of Attractiveness

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