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Change Your Fashion Game in 2018: Walkthrough


In a sea of New Year’s resolutions, there are some concerning changing the image or the fashion approach. If you are one of those, then this article is definitely for you. Unless you’re 100% satisfied with the way you dress (and surely none of us is completely satisfied with it), you’ll probably need this walkthrough as changing your style is never an easy game. Let’s take a look at all the levels that you need to pass and how to pass them. As Chris Brown once said – Let me transform ya. Now press play!

Level 1: Focus on minimalism

Focusing on minimalistic and basic pieces of clothing is the most important tip for everyone, not only for those who want to change their fashion style. Minimalistic t-shirts or pants can provide a plethora of versatile (and at the same time quite interesting) combinations. The next time you want to buy a tee with a print, think twice. If you don’t own at least two t-shirts in white, grey or black, choose those instead. You won’t believe how many new combinations you can make with one-coloured t-shirts. In the same way, choose your trousers carefully. It is okay to have patterned pieces of clothing but make sure to have basic ones as well, as you will be needing them very often in 2018.

Level 2: Spice it up with layering


Layering is considered one of the most interesting ways of showing your outfit to the world. However, this is closely connected to the first tip, as layering doesn’t always go well with patterned pieces of clothing. If you’re wearing monochromatic trousers and tops, you can layer with a nice long cardigan and a leather jacket or a trench coat. If you’re keeping everything monochromatic – nice. If your top is patterned, even better, as it is always good to spice your outfit up a bit. Bottom line – if you want to pass this level, investing in good sweaters and blazers is a must!

Level 3: Go crazy with colours

This doesn’t mean put anything that you can find on yourself. Bright and radiant colours such as blue, yellow and even pink and red were very popular in 2017 and will definitely continue to be so this year as well. If you’ve never worn such a colour, you should totally try it out this year. Be cautious with the combination, though. If you’re a newbie, start small. You can purchase, for example, a very nice pink sweatshirt that you will wear with simple black or grey trousers. Make sure to match the shades and the colours appropriately (which can be the trickiest part of the game). Unless you want to look like Nanny Fran’s twin brother, of course.

Level 4: Wear bold footwear


Shoes are always a big thing, as to some ladies (and gents), they are the most important piece of clothing and, at the same time, the first thing they notice on a man. So it’s very important for you to have nice and elegant shoes. Or basically any shoes that you can pull off. For example, if you’re keeping your outfit rather minimalistic, simple and dark, wearing nice men’s Birkenstock shoes can style you up a bit more and provide a killer and bold look (no, if you match everything nicely and pay close attention to it, you won’t look like a dork). If your combination for the day is colourful, don’t overdo it with eccentric shoes, but rather wear classic white sneakers. For some formal events and combinations, wearing ankle-deep boots or Oxford shoes would be the best.

Level 5: Accessorize!

The last level is always the most difficult one, but accessorizing should come as a relief. If you’ve come so far, you have nothing to worry about! First of all, you can always go with a nice, round watch. You can either choose a metal or a leather one (but match the colour of the leather to your belt and shoes). Moreover, if you’re a necklace and bracelets kind of guy, that also works perfectly. Reinventing your style is definite with wearing a nice, high-quality, killer bracelet, so feel free to wear it anytime. Beads, metal, leather – all three work.

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the game and defeated the boss known as “Mr Boring Style”. Have these tips always in your mind, as they will never go out of fashion, and proudly take that award for the best-dressed guy in the office!



Peter is a men’s grooming writer at HighStyleLife and TheBeardMag magazine from UK. Besides writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe! Follow Peter on Twitter for more men’s fashion and grooming tips.

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