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5 Reasons Why Men Should Learn Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Ever dreamed about becoming an absolute badass and a hero in the eyes of your significant other, your friends, and you dog, but could never quite figure out how to achieve it? Enter, martial arts. The road to complete physical readiness, mental clarity, agility, and strength can be different for every individual, and combat sports are here to unify all types of training into one complete package of badassery and skill.

It’s not just about learning how to serve a plate of whoop-ass, it’s about embracing the martial arts lifestyle and bettering yourself as a human being. Here are the five essential reasons why men should learn martial arts.

Martial arts build confidence

As a man surrounded by prey and competition in the modern world, learning to radiate unwavering confidence inside and out is of the utmost importance. However, confidence and self-esteem are not inherent traits for the majority of guys, but rather they are skills that need to be learned over time.

By learning how to fight, how take a punch without breaking down mentally and physically, you will allow the person in the mirror to grow stronger, more resilient, more sure of himself than ever before. Through pain and adversity you rise, and by training martial arts, you will learn to walk with your head held high.

You will feel strong and agile


There is nothing quite like fighting, grappling, kicking, and throwing people who are stronger and heavier than your around the dojo for a complete hour. Physical strength and endurance is built through pain, fatigue, dedication, and persistence.

You will want to quit, you will want to cry, you will feel like you’re about to faint. But you will carry on no matter what. This will allow your body to grow worthy of a Spartan warrior himself by becoming tough, sturdy, unbreakable.

You’ll learn how to fight

Confidence and raw physical power will help you develop another crucial skill – fighting. Remember, as a civilized human being you are never to instigate a fight, you are never to make trouble or take your anger out on those inferior to you. But as a man living in uncertain times, you have to know how to defend yourself.

The streets are riddled with dangers, if not for yourself, then for those dear to your heart. Learning how to protect them will be one of the most valuable lessons in life. In order to become as strong as you possibly can, you want to enroll in bjj classes or mixed martial arts, where you will get the chance to handle the weight of your opponents and truly learn what it means to fight for your life.

You will keep excess fat off your belly


While fat loss is not the primary reason why you would enlist in a martial arts class, it is a nice bonus that will help you sculpt a healthy and attractive physique. Because of the intense nature of fighting, your body will be subjected to a form of HIIT training, one of the most powerful fat loss training methods.

Your metabolism will be revving hard for days after a martial arts workout, burning fat stores and building a foundation of strength and aesthetics. Get ready to say hello to a permanent six-pack.

The sky will become the limit

Finally, after some time has passed and your mind, body, and soul have gone through plenty of kicks, punches, and deadlocks, you will realize that there is nothing in this world that can stop you from reaching your goals and realizing your dreams. The sky will be the limit.

You will build mental fortitude that will allow you to dream big and achieve greatness, you will crush every obstacle in your way because you have learned how to be strong, how to persevere, how to fight until you are victorious. You will become a better man.

Knowing how to defend yourself from physical danger has become imperative in the modern world. By taking up martial arts, you will not only be able to protect yourself and those you love, but you will also become the person you always hoped you’d one day become.



Peter is a men’s grooming writer at HighStyleLife and TheBeardMag magazine from UK. Besides writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe! Follow Peter on Twitter for more men’s fashion and grooming tips.

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