The 5 Worst Mistakes a Man Can Do When He Ask a Woman The Wrong Question

Worst Mistakes a Man Can Do

mistakes a man can do

It is conventional for a man to approach a woman and perhaps ask for a date. Whether it is a date that will henceforth change things from singlehood to dating, there are things that every man out there must take into account. For instance, you need to be cautious what type of questions you ask a woman the first time you meet her.

This is because, while you could be really into questioning your date, the tongue is always fond of slipping and then comes the most annoying bombshell questions that would certainly do damage to a cordial starting. Well, while on a date and before you can ask turn-off questions like, the last time your date was intimate with a man, you must really weigh in the situation and the prevailing mood.

Do not run the risk of getting into a spat with your new date because you do not know right questions to ask or better still, the right way to ask irritating questions. It is admissible that such incidence do occur and this brings us to what many men find hard to tackle. How are you are supposed to handle a situation whereby you have ruined a woman’s mood simply because of asking questions that are in real bad taste?



While men try to maneuver using whatever means necessary after ruining a date with nasty questions, only a few usually bring things back to control. This is because in as much as you could be pretty much convinced conversation is going to flow smoothly once again, you end up doing even worse mistakes. Well, there are always chances of further creating uneasiness in an already ruined communication situation and it is on this premise that this post takes you through some worst mistakes a man can do when he asks a woman the wrong question. Interestingly, you can easily avoid these things.


Failing to apologize

Ladies consider it offensive when asked their age, however, men who have no idea just how irritating this can be to a your lady always find themselves between a rock and hard place. In fact, straight hitting questions are some of the things women are never at ease with. In the event that you find yourself in such a mess, apologize immediately and with courtesy, as this is the only way to keep conversation going.




Changing topic

If in the process, you ask a woman about her age and she finds it offensive, the best thing you can do is rephrase your words and do so on a lighter and softer tone. Even for the tough questions, women like to be approached with gentleness. However, never rush to change topic as this may portray you as someone who is not serious and dishonest.

Topic man


Acting shy


Well, bold is what women look for in gentlemen and so, in case you ask the person non-grata questions, never act shy when a lady seems to be furious about it. Face it and convince her why you have asked such a question.

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