The Best Moisturizers For Your Men’s Face With a Sexy Fragrance

Men’s Face With a Sexy Fragrance

Men's Face With a Sexy Fragrance

A man’s world of fashion is rapidly changing as newfound products are increasingly flooding the market of cosmetics. This means that for one to be credited as macho man there is need to embrace and use some of the best designer grooming products out there ranging from facial moisturizers, skin tones, hair shampoos, perfumers and even apparel. In this post, I focus on facial moisturizers formulated for men. Well, if you are man but is yet to use a moisturizer on your facial skin, it is would be unfounded to argue that there is no such a thing.  We are surrounded by information and a look around will take you by surprise how men have mastered the art of grooming.  It is actually no longer a thing for women because men too can have that smooth, radiant and supple facial skin tone.  Conventional ways of taking care of one’s facial skin has been all about waking up in the morning and washing it or late in the evening before going to bed. But as skincare become a more demanding task, it is no longer about facial cleansing or skin detoxification every two weeks that makes a different on how a man’s face looks like.


Visits to dermatologists have notwithstanding become more frequent and this is actually a step in the right direction. But here is the catch. Will you be spending money on facial skin treatment and maintenance every so often or there are more personalised remedies you can execute at home without involving a skin doctor every time you notice wrinkles or pimples on your face?  Well, there are men’s face moisturizers formulate with sexy fragrances that will keep you smelling fresh all year round while ensuring your facial skin is notwithstanding beautiful. It is therefore important to have a few of such products in mind, but first things first;

  • There are different formulas of men’s facial moisturizers in cosmetic stores and shop. However, not all will yield positive results. This means that you have to look around for something compatible with your skin for better results
  • With the advice of a cosmetologist or a dermatologist, landing the best facial care product is all but a matter of identifying a leading cosmetic store
  • It is important to look beyond what many believe in and design your own facial care routine to which you stick

Below, I review a few facial moisturizers for men formulated with sexy fragrances;


Baldwin face moisturizer

Man face skin

Well, for men who do not want to compromise on how sexy they feel, this moisturizer does not only have a light-weight sweet masculine fragrance but also gets absorbed fast to give your skin a silky smooth feel. It is formulated with antioxidants, Dead Sea minerals, Argan oil, Shea Oil, Tocopheryl acetate and other useful ingredients.


Jack Black Double duty face moisturizer

Men face moisturizer

This product is formulated with lightweight masculine scent and has a long lasting hydration effect. Made to protect your face from strong UV rays, it also contains potent antioxidants that work toward enhancing your skin’s appearance while protecting it from premature aging.










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