The Importance of Taking Care of Your Face

Taking Care of Your Face


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When we see women walking around the house with special turmeric or cucumber face masks in order to obtain that special glow to their facial skin, many of us men feel inwardly thankful that we do not have to go through that regime.  


Between work, home life, social life and dozens of other activities, we feel like we simply would not have time to go through the skin care routine that many women so faithfully adhere to.  However, abstaining from taking care of our facial skin can lead to a rather unsightly appearance that can dramatically change our image and style.


So what do you do if you do not want to look like you are belatedly going through those awkward teenage years of pimples and zits but at the same time do not have the time to dedicate 20 minutes each day to your facial skin?  In this brief article, we offer you five facial skin care tips that will keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant while not taking up your entire morning.  


Ditch the Soap for a Skin Cleanser


Taking hot showers and scrubbing your face with bar soap will inevitably lead to dry skin.  This simple trick will not add any extra time to your morning routine.  Simply buy a skin cleanser that you can use in the shower.  


As opposed to the callousness of bar soap, skin cleansers will give you a deeper clean while also adding moisture.  If you have rough skin, you can also find cleansers that come with exfoliating elements to help keep your skin softer and healthier looking.  


Do Not Go Cheap on the Razor


Cheap disposable razors or razors that have multiple blades can cause serious damage to your skin.  They tend to take more skin off than needed and can lead to ingrown hairs, which could cause infections that are both painful and unpleasant.  


Consider investing in a double edge safety razor, like the one your grandpa used to use.  These razors will give you a cleaner and more comfortable shave that also better protects your skin, especially when you use them with a moisturizing shaving gel.  Double edge safety razors may cost more upfront, but if properly taken care of, they will last a lifetime and save you money over the long run.  




Use a Moisturizer for Your Skin Type


Moisturizers are not facemasks.  They are simply a lotion that you spread across your face and into your skin pores that helps keep your skin looking refreshed, vibrant and vigorous.  


If you suffer from dry skin, find a moisturizer that is oil based, preferably made from natural oils like coconut oil or argon oil.  For oily skin, you can find moisturizers with aloe vera as the main ingredient that helps to balance out the excess production of oil by your skin pores.  


Simply rub a little bit of moisturizer into your face before you head out the door and you will feel the difference throughout the day.  If you do not want your skin to smell like flowers or sandalwood, there are a number of scent free moisturizers on the market today.  


Use Aftershave after Every Shave


As mentioned above, shaving can cause damage to your skin.  Aftershave helps to moisturize and seals your open skin pores.  Be sure to find a product that does not contain alcohol as alcohol will severely dry out your skin and cause that unpleasant stinging feeling on your skin.  

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What if I have a Beard?


Just because you have a beard, doesn’t mean you get off the hook from taking care of your skin.  Bearded men should actually spend more time taking care of the skin beneath the beard.  Since the facial skin underneath your beard is covered, it may be hard to discover what exactly is happening to your skin.  


Itchiness is a telltale sign of dry skin, meaning that you need to start applying some sort of product to your beard.  Beard lotions will have the double effect of making your beard softer and more manageable while also moisturizing the skin on your face.  


How Great Facial Skin Can Impact Your Life


Putting into practice these five simple facial skin care tips might add a minute or two to your morning grooming routine.  Change the bar of soap for a facial cleanser, buy a better razor, apply moisturizer every day, and use aftershave or beard lotion are simple additions to your routine that will keep your skin looking youthful and healthful for the long run.  



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Aron James is the founder of Stubble Patrol is a site on male grooming. He loves to write about his personal experiences.


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