The Most Addictive Game Men Can not Live Without! Are you addicted?

The world of digital gaming expands by day and to a man, this means there is so much fun that comes with it. From virtual football gaming, Motor GP racing to minecraft, there are thousands of options available. It all depends on what you cannot live without and what you can sparingly partake on and stop for the day. Well, sometimes new game releases can put you in awkward position and in which case, you wonder whether to stick to an old game or adapt to the new one.  Further, there is the question of play stations and this brings to fore an interesting question; where do you always play your games?

Depending on whether you are a fan of Xbox playstation, Sony playstation or any other, amount of games, whether free or for purchase vary significantly. Further, it depends on the strength of your internet connectivity and in which case, you may want to play online if you have a stronger connection or download games and play them offline.

People purchasing addictive games every day, game developers are having a reason to develop even more thrilling ones. Clearly, there is so much in play stations that being spoilt for choices is not an understatement. Here is the catch phrase; are you a digital gaming addict? Addiction to digital gaming is something of the commonplace these days. It takes places in many forms.

Spending your entire weekend with the jokey sticks locked inside the playroom for playing online all day with remote friends. While it is certainly fun to enjoy the games, it is also a big challenge for many who have become addicts. However, in this post, I take you through the most addicting games men cannot do without. First, consider the following:

  • There are thousands of games in plays stores, which are fundamentally downloadable, and many other thousands in play stations like Xbox. This means that what comes through as the best must be that which every man in any part of the world enjoy playing, at least every other day
  • Depending on worldwide ratings on digital games that men love to play, the best is always on the higher side with many positive reviews. Take a look below for some of them;

The FIFA gaming craze

Addictive game

Perhaps the most addictive computer game all around the world, FIFA football simulator is probably something that is so deeply a habit engraved in minds of many men that doing away with it would perhaps need the intervention of a psychiatrist. You simply can’t stop a man from play FIFA football gaming because the fun that comes with playing Barcelona against PSG closes into something cultic. It is unquenchable thirst in gaming.

EA sports/Racing games

Whether it is a motor GP or sports car racing simulator, racing games have become an addiction lately. On this premise, racing games make it to top ten of games men play most.

Farming simulator

Knowing more about agriculture is not ill informed. Most men love to play farming games, which agreeably, are discreetly addictive to say the least.


  • Are you addicted for games?
  • Men purchasing addictive games every day.
  • Do you know your balance?
  • Ask yourself how many hours are you spending for games.
  • Think what will be best. Something to think of!



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