These Simple Tricks Will Help You Get The Right Kind Of a Beard Shave

Body grooming takes into account a number of things. For a man, beard shaving is one bit that the moment you fail to do it right, everything about you looks awful.  It always has to be part of your everyday grooming and especially in the morning before you grab a shower. While most men believe that having the best of shaving blades and creams amounts to getting the best beard shave and styling at the end of the day, there is much more to it. This could mean that you ask a few questions such as what do top fashion icons and artists use to shave their beards?

A look at some of those who drive the changes in the world of fashion will certainly make amends with this claim.  Today, men try the much they can to look like so and so in the showbiz industry. But is this right?  People have become such as a copycat to an extent that doing something the same way a fashion model does makes them believe it is the best way to go. But here is the catch. People are different and how you shave your beard should definitely define who you are.


In the view of many, a lot of complexities go into beard shaving and ultimately beard styling.  Many a man would hardly imagine making it simple and still get many hooked on their looks. In other words, simple can be your flair for greater looks and particularly if you get the bits and bytes right from the onset.  But before I explore this subject further so that you can begin to do things right from today, here are some important issues to think about;

  • Men’s beards grow differently. Some cover the whole chin to the neck, and other others only appear at the tip of the chin. There are those whose beards extend along their ears to the front and encircle their mouths. This is an important consideration when it comes to shaving.
  • It is important to know why you need to style your beard in the first place. If you are comfortable with it, well and good because after all, styling can as well mean doing away with it altogether or reducing the size of your beards.

These simply tricks are therefore meant for those looking for the right ways to shave and style their beards. Take a look;


Beard-shave for the right shape of the head

beard styles

This is an important tip. There is no better way you will walk out of a barber shop if you haven’t applied this knowledge. In fact, it is the very reason why you will always need a professional barber who understands this well.


Shaving creams

men's face cream

While most of them are an after-shave, there are those which are meant for the actual process. Shaving creams make it possible for the calliper to glide smoothly over bumps and ridges. As a result, wrong moves that could result to misalignment are totally eliminated and most important, use men’s face moisturizer.


  • Beard shaving is one thing man don’t like to do.
  • Men’s beards grow differently.
  • You need to style your beard.
  • Beard-shave must be for the right shape of the head.
  • Shaving creams make it possible for the calliper to glide smoothly over bumps and ridges.



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