Top 20 Influential Celebs Who Promote Men Care

Top 20 Influential Celebs Who Promote Men Care are:

Everyone has one body and each of us should take care of it. Eating well yet right, exercising, and practicing good hygiene are the basics of physical self-care we all should be engaged in daily.
However, there are some men who physical self-care is not necessary for various reasons. On the contrary, it is. If you want to leave a lasting first impression on anyone, how a man takes care of his appearance is key. Most people will notice and immediately judge a person by his appearance. Also, to foster better health, maintaining favorable self-care will help men look and feel good.

Focusing on physical hygiene, the days of men just using a razor, a bar of soap, and some cologne as a men care regime are ending. Nowadays, more men are investing in moisturizing and nourishing skin care treatment, sophisticated grooming techniques, and even plastic surgery to enhance their look. From acne problems to dry skin, healthy skin should be maintained by using proper men care as well as engaging in an active lifestyle. There is a plethora of print and online resources for men care regimes as well as a growing market of men care products. In addition, many celebrities have embraced men care as an important asset to their image. Here is a list of 20 celebrities who are influential in their crafts or professions and promote great men care tips.

1. Hugh Jackman, Age: 47 – Known for his iconic role as Wolverine in the successful X-Men flicks, the Australian actor, singer, and dancer follows a strict physical fitness regime e.g., swimming, running long distances, and boxing, to keep his body and skin tone and vibrant. A skin cancer survivor, Jackman has a sunscreen line for children called Pure Skin Defense and promotes awareness for skin cancer prevention and the dangers of sun exposure. Consequently, he is now mandated to have skin check-ups every three months to minimize health and cosmetic concerns.

2. Patrick Dempsey, Age: 49 – With a TV and movie acting career spanning over 30 years, Dempsey is well known for his role on the popular primetime drama Grey’s Anatomy as the sexy neurosurgeon Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepard. An occasional race driver, Dempsey likes to lift weights and rides his bike. He has publicly encouraged more men to use skin care products for men, especially sunscreen. Being married to a highly successful makeup artist has been influential in how he maintains such a youthful look.

3. George Clooney, Age: 54 – Since 1978, Clooney has graced the TV and movie screens with several memorable roles and an undeniable sex appeal for millions of his fans. The award-winning actor, screenwriter, producer, director, and activist love to detoxify with hot yoga. As a part of his face regime, Clooney uses eye cream to prevent dark patches and lip balm for maintain smooth, kissable lips.

4. Rob Lowe, Age: 51 – Lowe has been acting for over 36 years. Despite his public bout with alcoholism, Lowe has been sobered for over 20 years and has adopted a low-carb diet and an adventurous active lifestyle with big-wave surfing, TRX workouts, and helicopter skiing. An avid advocate of skin care for men, earlier this year, Lowe launched his men-care line of cleansers, serums, and shaving creams called Profile 4 Men.

5. Richard Gere, Age: 66 – Known as one of Hollywood’s leading men and sex symbol for over 40 years, Gere is an award-winning actor and activist. The longtime Buddhist practices meditation and yoga faithfully to reduce stress, pain, and high blood pressure as well as to promote happiness. Gere credits his graceful aging to healthy living and wholesome diet.

6. Barack Obama, Age: 54 – The historic and current President of the United States deals with a plethora of stresses daily; yet, he maintains a youthful countenance for his age. A former chronic smoker, Obama dropped the bad habit for a healthier lifestyle in the midst of his busy schedule and demanding obligations as the leader of the Free World. He is an avid player of golf and basketball who always strives to make time to spend with the First Lady and their two daughters.

7. Will Smith, Age: 47 – For over 30 years, Will Smith has found success in music, TV, and film. As known as “The Fresh Prince”, the actor, producer, rapper, and songwriter love running and reading and have credited both activities for his healthy demeanor and appearance. In addition, Smith follows a high-protein, healthy carbohydrates-rich diet to better power his strenuous exercise regimen and enhance his muscle tone throughout his body.

8. Brad Pitt, Age: 51 – For nearly 30 years, Pitt has been one of Hollywood’s leading heartthrobs. The actor and producer credit active family vacations and a low-carb, low-sugar, vegetarian diet for his youthful, healthy physique. Allegedly, Pitt is rumored to spending over an hour each night using an assortment of men care products to cleanse tone, moisturize, and pamper his beautiful face.

9. David Beckham, Age: 40 – For over 20 years before retiring, Beckham has become an international phenomenon in the soccer world. Also a businessman, model, and UNICEF spokesperson, the former championship English footballer still maintains his lean body with moderate exercise and a high-protein, low-carbs diet. For his skin care regimen, Beckham uses an exfoliator, a moisturizer, tweezers for his eyebrows, and eye concealer.

10. Ashton Kutcher, Age: 37 – For almost 20 years, Kutcher has been a heartthrob in primetime comedy shows and motion pictures. The actor, producer, model, and tech investor stay active and healthy by training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a wrestling fighting style that incorporates some martial arts techniques. To maintain his youthful look, Kutcher uses sunscreen, facial treatment products, and microdermabrasion.

11. Justin Timberlake, Age: 34 – From his days in one of the best-selling boy bands to his successful solo singing and acting careers, Timberlake has been entertaining the world for over twenty years. In addition to dancing and running, the superstar entertainer works out regularly and eats a protein-rich, complex carbs diet to stay fit. Timberlake favors Kiehl’s skin care products, wraps his face with a hot towel, and uses sunscreen regularly for a glowing, youthful countenance.

12. Johnny Depp, Age: 52 – Depp has been one of the most successful and eclectic movie stars for over 30 years. He maintains his ageless look with strength training workouts and a low-calorie, vegan diet. An odd beauty tip which also includes wearing makeup, Depp credits his now-famous blue-tinted eyeglasses he frequently wears to controlling his appetite and his positive outlook on life.

13. Denzel Washington, Age: 60 – A leading man in his own right, Washington has a successful acting career which span for over forty years. Also an occasional filmmaker, Washington maintains his sex symbol appeal with an active workout regimen which includes boxing and strength training as well as a protein-rich, low-carbs diet. The award-winning actor uses glycolic acid and retinol to preserve his ageless appearance.

14. Colin Firth, Age: 55 – An award-winning English actor, Firth has been in numerous films over his 32 year career. While he doesn’t himself as being athletic, Firth stays in shape for demanding roles he plays. Firth acknowledges that facials have helped him to keep his skin refreshed, moisturized, and glowing.

15. Daniel Craig, Age: 47 – Known mostly for his role as the latest James Bond, Craig has had a successful career as a stage and film actor spanning over 20 years. The English actor stays lean and muscular with strenuous weight training workouts and a protein-rich, complex carbs diet. Craig uses facial cleansers and moisturizers to polish his sleek, chisel face.

16. Tom Cruise, Age: 53 – For the past 35 years, Cruise has remained one of the biggest movie stars worldwide. To maintain his lean physique, the actor and filmmaker prefer workouts and diets that will build muscles and eliminate fat. Also, many believe Cruise has had several cosmetic surgery procedures to sustain his youthful look.

17. Robert Downey Jr., Age: 50 – Hailing from a famous acting family, Downey Jr. has dazzled the screen for over forty years. Once embattled with substance abuse and legal woes, the acclaimed actor has cleaned up his act and his body with an active lifestyle and healthy diet. Downey Jr. uses an assortment of facial treatment products to perfect his glowing face.

18. Liam Neeson, Age: 63 – Spanning almost forty years, Neeson is considered one of the sexiest movie stars ever. The Irish actor stays fit and lean with frequent workouts and a healthy diet. Neeson is said to be a huge fan of MitoQ Anti-Aging Serum, which may explain how he stays looking so youthful for his age.

19. Chris Rock, Age: 50 – For over 30 years, Rock has kept folks laughing with his legendary brand of jokes and humor. The acclaimed actor and comedian maintain his lean built with cardio workouts and healthy eating. Rock uses Edgar Morris skin care products to maintain his youthful look.

20. Russell Brand, Age: 40 – Brand is another comedic force who has had a successful career for over 20 years. The English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist is a proud vegan and faithfully practice yoga. Brand is also known for wearing cosmetics to enhance his handsome appeal.

As part of their men care regime, all of these influential male celebs are engaged in regularly physical activities and follow a well-balanced, healthy diet. Sure, whether they publicly acknowledge this or not, all of them may have use cosmetics and/or plastic surgery to enhance their physical appearance. In the entertainment industry, having a handsome face and a lean yet muscular body is vital to the celebrity’s image and career. It’s a worthy investment for longevity in a business where you are here today and gone tomorrow. Even for regular guys, investing in their appearances don’t have to be expensive or drastic, but it should be something they would be proud of doing for themselves.

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