Top 5 Face Creams For Men Who Love Themselves more

When it comes to skin care and maintenance, one of the things that those using cosmetics need tofocus on more is the face. Facial skin is relatively thin when compared to skin on other body parts. This means that extra care should be taken when dealing with it. This should apply to both men and women. However, in this post, I focus on skincare among men, something which in recent times has increasingly become news.

One wonders why men are increasingly using cosmetics because they think it is solely a feminine affair. Well, as it stands today, the world of fashion and modeling incorporates men and women, and so, the former group of people equally needs to beat themselves in grooming.  You have got to dress the part, right from facial skincare to dressing in the right kind of attire. While every occasion such as dinner parties, social gatherings and business meetings dictate what attire a man should adorn, it is not the same case with using facial creams.  But what are facial creams meant for in the first place?

Moisturizer For Men


Well, skincare takes into account dynamic issues which every cosmetic user should know. For instance, the ingredients with which cosmetic products are made are things that you should also take a closer look at because some products contain harsh chemicals that could end up destroying your skin.  Apart from this, men who want the best facial creams should also understand the differences that exist between products made for women and those manufactured for them. Manufacturers of cosmetic products always have this variation in mind because such things as masculine fragrances play significance in as far as making of face creams is concerned. Well, before I take you through some of the best creams for men who love themselves, take a look at the following issues;

  • The choice of a facial cream that you would need as a man should be premised on among other things, your skin type. People have different skin types and the earlier you have this information, the more informed choice you will make when purchasing an ideal cosmetic product for your face.
  • Cosmetic products come in variety, thanks to existences of different manufacturers.  This means when you go about there to buy a product for your skin, it is imperative that you look into aspects such as quality assurance standardization marks, minerals products contains and side effects.

AESOP Mandarin Facial hydrating cream


Every man needs a good facial cream for maximum skin vitality and protection. AESOP Mandarin Facial hydrating cream, combine everything you are looking for use all seasons.


Cetaphil moisturizing cream for dry and sensitive skin


This product is recommended by dermatologists given its gentle formula and moisturizing capabilities that are ideal for dry and sensitive skin types.


Mug for Men Silver Fox Rescue Cream


This is a great formulation to fight wrinkles as it helps in building up of collagen and peptides. It is certainly a pricier product for men who not only love themselves but also the best skincare products.

Best Baldwin Anti- Aging Nourishing Cream



Anti Aging men nourishing cream for men by Baldwin with Dead Sea Minerals and natural oils 100 ml (3.4 oz) high quality nutrition Face cream, from the Baldwin range, was developed especially for the masculine facial skin. It is a unique, premium, Paraben-free cream enriched with easily absorbed oils and plants that sooth the skin after shaving and provide a high degree of suppleness together with a masculine and sexy fragrance.

Best Face Moisturizer For Men By Baldwin

Man face skin

Dead Sea Minerals Face Moisturizing Lotion For Men 100 ml (3.4 oz) from Baldwin men care is intended for everyday use and is suited to the male facial skin. This high quality moisturizing cream from Baldwin, manufactured without parabens, is rich in moisturizer, is rapidly absorbed and protects the skin from climatic and environmental harm, while leaving in its wake a masculine, prestigious and sexy fragrance.

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