Warning: Signs She Is The Man In The House. Check Yourself!

When it comes to being a figurehead in a relationship, nature and ego always make amend to a man’s favor. Men love to be in control, whether in a love affair that is heading nowhere, a relationship that has stood the tests of time or in marriage.  The moment a woman tries to dictate the direction a relationship should take and how things are supposed to be done, the worst happens. Many a man will quit if not turntables and even exhibit destructive aggression. In some instance, it leads to violence in a relationship. Note that violence doesn’t have to be physical abuse or battering for that matter. There is emotional violence that those in a relationship go through and it can be harmful to emotional stability and satisfaction.

In this post, I explore the issue of when a woman becomes the man in the house and you don’t even know it. You can feel the intimidation and the shrewd control she is exhibiting over you but you don’t know what to call it. Simply put, when your wife becomes the husband in the house and ignores your every word, it is time you threw spanner into the works and made a quick fix. But first, and before I take you through some warning signs to look out for, you need to check yourself and here are forewords for you;


  • When a woman becomes the man in the house, most of the times men jump into action without giving it a second thought. Most likely, there is something you aren’t doing right that has forced her to take charge over everything. This means that you have to conduct a thorough self-evaluation.
  • Are you neglecting your duties as a man of the house hence forcing your wife to spring into action by doubling as in-charge? Cultures vary and especially with regard to the position of a woman in a married life. If you woman is overstepping, it is could be because she belongs to the modern school of thought where feminists movements advocate for equality and sadly, some take it too far into marriage instead of living it to the corporate world. Most men mind this.
  • Is your wife affected by pop culture? This is where, Jennifer Lopez’s song, ‘Ain’t your Mama’ will be playing in her mind all day. Traditionally, women used to do laundry but not anymore in a world of pop culture.

Below are signs to look out for and know if she is now the man of the house;


She always shouts at you

shouts at you

It is easy to figure out if a woman has taken your manly responsibilities hence making you an underdog in the house. If she continuously shouts at you and want to shut you down, it’s a red flag.


She rudely interrupts you

interrupts you

Rude women are hard to maintain. Men want to be respected but the moment that fades and is replaced with rudeness, you better run for the hills if no amount of effort to resolve things brings back normalcy.

You can’t remember the last time she prepared your favorite meal

favorite meal

While no one is confined to the kitchen because men too can cook, you have every reason to worry if the last time she cooked you supper has escaped your memory.


  • Are you jumping into action?
  • Is she shouting at you?
  • Does she rudely interrupts you?
  • When was the last time she prepared your favorite meal.



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