What Do Guys Want for Themselves? Is Everything About Money or Sex?

What do guys want for themselves? Is everything about money or sex? The correlation between love and sex is a clear manifest in today’s world, thanks to the height of perversion that continues to soar even higher among men and women.

What do guys want ?We will not looked into what many people do for money like offering sex, but when it comes to what guys want for themselves; people always go to an extreme of proving that sex and money are essential needs hence integral parts of their lives. It is often said that people who think money is everything can as well do anything for money. Some say money is the source of all evils. But come to think of it. In a world where money is everything without which you are as good as dead, who would exist without a few pennies in the bank? Without money, life can be outright difficult and there are many proofs to show this. But, what about sex and can you survive without it? For a long time, love has been a beautiful thing until sex raided many minds.

These days, teenage girls and boys in middle school engage in the act of sexual intercourse and their justification is that they love each other. Of course when it comes to marriage, sex is a necessity between a husband and a wife, without which marriages would be in shambles and indeed, there are marriages across the world where inadequacy of sex has caused ripples among couples. But are there things couples can do and not just sex at all times?  However, when looked at from a moral perspective, the quest for a happy and fulfilling life should not always be hinged on sex and money. There are more a man can go for to stay happy.

To this end, we then narrow down to what do you want as a person? Fundamentally, what are your goals and how do they relate with money or sex?  The desire for money and desiring a man or a lady sexually is arguably not all that guys need and in this post, we take a nosedive into exploring some justifications for this, so read on for a deeper understanding.

Money is just a complement of happiness and not otherwise

The moment you start thinking of money as the sole means to being happy, you will have lost it. Happiness is inborn. It is a fountain that resides in everyone and only comes out when let lose. On this premise, pursuit of happiness should not be hinged on money. This is because, even with a good friend, you can still discover similar interests and have fun everyday even without having enough money. Money is just but a complement of happiness and only to those who wants more than they already have. This brings to the fore, the issue of contentment. The little or much you have should be enough to make you happy.

Sex can ruin a happy relationship if misunderstood

Agreeably, many people today misunderstand sex. It is on this premise that many men will quit relationships in the event that their partners deny then sex. Notably, it is not all the times you should have sex. There are lots of things to complement a happy marriage and sex is just but a fraction of the whole package.

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