What Kind Of Person You Think You Are?

What kind of person you think you are?


What kind of person you

Apart from what one may think about someone else, the thoughts people always have on themselves are usually occasioned by among other things achievements, gender, social status, political affiliations and religious leanings. Other factors that always come into play when self definition becomes an issue is what kind of persona are you and where you buy your skin care products like mens face cream or rather where you shop and also, the caliber of products you use.  Well, if you do not have a good understanding of yourself, there are high chances that low self esteem will take control and this means, socializing with others will become more and more difficult with each passing day. A lot of times, people who do not understand themselves do not appreciate themselves and overtime, become social misfits everywhere. To this end, there are a thousand reasons why knowing who you are, is important and at very least, appreciating the person in you.




In view of misgivings that people often have on themselves, the role of social and psychological counselors come to play. Psychological counseling has always played a pivotal role in trying to unravel the answers to the question of what someone may think he is or she is. By extension, such counseling sessions has always majored on personality traits. In other words, your personality is who you are but it is always important to factor in the fact that there can always be different personality traits in one person. However, self understanding if not well approached from a range of perspective but just one, may result into serious misgivings.  Well, there are other means to self understanding apart from psychological counseling and personality checks. On this premise, the option of Intellectual Quotient often abbreviated as IQ is an option many way want to explore. However, this is not what this post seeks to delve into but rather, answers to the question of what kind of person you are as discussed hereafter.


person you are


Care and Hate: How do you view societal norms and values?

Personality from this perspective looks into such aspects as love or hate. How do you view the virtue of love or vice of hate? Depending on your stance regarding this, you either come out a very hospitable person or someone who is harsh. What is your personal identity? Do you know yourself? Do you allow yourself best face lotion for men or cheap one because of your unhappy self esteem?





Extroversion and introversion: Habits, likes and personal values

Is there something you hold in high esteem? Also, if your preferences will always fit in well with what other people like, you come out a very social person. The contrary is a case of a person who disregards other people’s beliefs, dislikes and values hence very antisocial.


kind of person you think you are

Temper and sense of humor

Knowing who you are or rather personality difference can be based on how you react to funny situations. Do you give in to comic relief and laugh about it or you always choose to frown? This trait is always coupled with one’s temper. How fast do you get angered by annoying situations or people? With these, there is certainty that you can tell where you fall.



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