What Men Want In Bed?

Men In Bed


 Men  in bed

Many times, the question of what men want in bed elicits wild imaginations in the minds of many and by extension, heated debate in social gatherings and sometimes at the workplace, in classrooms and on the streets. While some think or believe the answer is quite simple and straightforward, an interaction with married men would certainly reveal a different story altogether which goes beyond a lovemaking story. Over the years, it is understood, that a straight shoot answer to the question of what men want in bed has been sex. This then brings to the fore a more interesting twist and in which case, many would begin to wonder whether going to bed with a woman and what men want while there has everything to do with sex. On this premise, one would then pose a question like; can’t one get tired of love making with someone they call their spouse or partner, day in and day out? Further, is sex the only thing women can offer men in bed or what she expect from him to be an athlete?


Men in bed


To this end, the question of what men want in bed becomes two fold and as such it cuts across the gender divide regarding what men want, what women can offer and whether at the end of the day such needs and expectations will be met to the fill of a man. While the answer to this question will always remain elusive, men attach it or even think it has a strong bearing with sex. Well, let us assume what men want in men is satisfactory lovemaking but again, come to think of those men who suffer from sexual dysfunctions.  Globally, a good number of men probably in tens of thousands suffer from sexual dysfunctions and so, it then is understood that such men would be looking for something in bed beyond sex.  This to some extent diffuses the notion of sex as being the main thing men want in bed. Married people can expect things that are more intimate during bedtime. This post sheds some light into this by looking at what men want in bed, sex included, so read further for some interesting revelations.


Men sex



Intimacy during bedtime recipe for men’s happiness

While in bed, most men would be looking forward to a good time with the woman they love and so, a sufficient amount of intimacy is ideal. The question, which many people would be asking, is; what is ideal intimacy?  Well, it should be noted that being intimate is not always about sex. Kissing intimately, massage and cuddling will always keep a man coming for men during bedtime. Fundamentally, these help strengthen a relationship bond between a man and a woman.


Men in bed


Communication during bed is many men’s medicine


Another important thing most men would be looking forward to during bedtime is some good conversation with the woman they love. Communication between two people who love each other is not always verbal. It can be through some intimate touching before one can fall asleep.

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